To start, I want to say that I believe content marketing should be about educating your potential clients. After all, education is the best sales tool. That being said, this blog is all about selling you on our managed blogging service.

First, a little background information.

How We Got It Wrong

When Source Group got started we noticed that the majority of our search rankings were for our trade show news magazines. When we looked into it, 91% of our traffic was all branded. After seeing this, it became a focus of ours. We focused on the belief that people didn’t know who Source Group Was and instead, focused on branded search terms for our trade show magazines. Boy did we miss the boat!

While focusing on branded searches, we were lucky to get 100 users per day. During a trade show that might go up to 200. It took a while, but we realized that we were missing a huge opportunity, a nonbranded product-based search. The question was, how do we accomplish this. We could use the standard Ad words solutions, we could hit social media really hard, or we could even use a highly targeted email campaign. We didn’t use any of those. Instead, we went the route of content. First, we built out our pages with more detailed content and expanded on keywords within our content. Here are 5 metrics to pay attention to for your blogging.

Second, we began writing high-quality blogs and using them to create content based backlinks. Here are the results.

managed blogging

Problems With Most Blogs

The problem is that you can’t just start a random blog and hope for traffic.

There are a lot of blogs that have a large number of articles and still get no traffic.

You have to do it with a strategy:

  1. Define who you want to attract. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate if it isn’t the right traffic.
  2. Find out what your target audience wants. That means no random topics that don’t fit into your business plans or audience.
  3. Write in an intelligent, no-fluff, data-backed way. Readers have no time for fluffy articles.
  4. Promote each piece of writing. This can be hard, but you can start by putting them on social media and send it out in emails.

Does this sound like something you have the time and resources for?

If we are being honest with each other, you’re probably really busy. and simply don’t the kind of time it takes to do all of that consistently.

All of that being said. Outsourcing your blogging is a great and inexpensive way to meet your content strategy goals. But not all managed blogging solutions are created equal. It can be hard to find a company that truly manages the content efforts for you.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. You give us your website details and some information about your target market.
  2. We research and validate topic ideas that are PROVEN to be popular in your niche.
  3. We’ll send over your validated topics so you can pick your favorites.
  4. Our on-staff editors craft amazing, well-researched, well-formatted, articles for your blog, complete with authority outbound links and internal linking.
  5. Our Optimization experts, work with the editors to optimize the articles. Then we complete the process by adding in authority outbound links and internal links.
  6. We’ll send overdrafts for approval. You can send the drafts back as many times as you want until you’re 100% satisfied.
  7. We’ll even post the article directly to your blog, social media, and create an email campaign if you’d like. All at no additional charge. And if you really want to step your content game up, for a small charge, we will post the article on other sites.

Start Blogging Today

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