An Official Cancer Moonshot Resource: Committed to Making a Difference in the Lives of Oncology Patients

The HealthWell Foundation is honored to be included in the White House Cancer Moonshot initiative and to further our commitment to financially support oncology patients who cannot afford their often lifesaving medications. HealthWell was recognized for its efforts in the White House Cancer Moonshot Fact Sheet, published Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The Cancer Moonshot initiative is mobilizing efforts nationally to prevent more than four million cancer deaths by 2047 and to improve the experience of people who are touched by cancer. The goal is to “end cancer as we know it.” As part of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, in 2024 HealthWell Foundation will:

  • Commit to providing more than $300 million to underinsured oncology patients to offset out-of-pocket medication costs. The financial support will enable patients to adhere to prescribed treatment regimens and improve their survival.
  • Seek to diversify clinical trials enrollment by providing out-of-pocket financial reimbursement to qualified oncology patients to offset their costs of participation in oncology clinical trials.
  • Support oncology caregivers through a new fund to help individuals with certain out-of-pocket financial needs, seeding $500,000 for the program.

Since 2004, as part of the over $3.3 billion in total patient grant awards across over 90 disease areas, HealthWell has awarded over $1.66 billion in medication copayment and insurance premium assistance across 39 oncology funds through more than 440,500 grants to over 310,600 underinsured patients. In addition, we have assisted more than 450 oncology patients seeking behavioral health services with over $221,000 in awards through 600 grants through our Cancer-Related Behavioral Health Fund to help with out-of-pocket treatment-related costs for prescription drugs, counseling services, psychotherapy, and transportation.

Our vision is to ensure that no patient goes without health care because they cannot afford it. When health insurance is not enough, we fill the gap by assisting with copays, premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for essential treatments and medications.



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