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Did you know that 88% of customers use their smartphone to conduct a local search visit or call a business the same day? In fact, local information is sought after in about 46% of all Google searches.

This information can be vital to brick-and-mortar businesses because they are the ones that want to create foot traffic and bring people through their doors.

So how do local SEO services help these businesses reach their customers? Keep reading to find out exactly how they can help your business grow.

What Is a Brick-And-Mortar Business?

Brick-and-mortar businesses are conventional retailers with a physical presence where customers can make in-person purchases of goods or services. Shopping in person is still favored by many people. It has several advantages that online retailers have not yet been able to match.

Many buyers prefer to see and inspect the item they are purchasing.

It is true that traditional brick-and-mortar establishments continue to draw patrons and supporters. However, in the new digital economy, conventional firms like these have a difficult time acquiring clients.

Most clients may prefer to sit in their homes and order goods or services on their cellphones or laptops now that many websites offer online shopping to their customers with advantages like lower rates. Because of this, digital marketing is crucial for physical companies to become more visible.

Why Local SEO Services Matter For These Businesses

Local brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers compete directly. Although it may not seem like it, these companies are vying for the attention of consumers who might think it is simpler to shop from home or behind a screen.

Digital marketing and local SEO services can make the difference between using an online retailer like Amazon or going to the store.

1. Use Local Focus to Your Advantage

Local SEO services can help you find those people who value small businesses and community-owned businesses. Many consumers will go out of their way to support people within their town as opposed to large retail giants or chains.

Capitalize on this through local SEO efforts and use it as a way to show how your business or store is owned by someone in the community.

2. Lower Cost With Better Results

Businesses that operate seasonally or in particular areas can objectively affect their entire audience without breaking the bank. At the same time, you could not have any products that you can even transport for free or without things going bad. Your budget spending can be more restrained and controllable with local SEO.

Local SEO might assist you to divide your audience if your business doesn’t necessarily serve one region.

3. Generate Leads and Qualify Shoppers

Finding the proper customers is one of marketing’s most difficult tasks. There’s no guarantee you’ll make a sale, but businesses with physical locations frequently get a lot of foot traffic from window shoppers. To save time and money, all retailers need to bring in more qualified leads.

Due to its concentration on people who are more likely to purchase your products, local SEO only draws the most relevant customers. You may qualify leads before they enter the store using the internet.

You must make every investment count because small businesses and traditional brick-and-mortar establishments typically have lesser cash flows than online businesses. You can make sure that the customers that are actually in your store are prepared to buy your products with local SEO.

4. Google My Business Can Add Incredible Value

You can upload pertinent company information using the free business listing function Google My Business (GMB). Local businesses gain more from Google My Business features and advantages, such as increased engagement and traffic volume, even though it may be utilized for worldwide SEO.

Local clients searching for your company will see your location, photos, and qualities, along with a map at the top of the page if you register for GMB and optimize your listing.

Why Local SEO Services Are Different From Global SEO

Local and international SEO is very similar. Both procedures index and crawl your website for the goal of viability using the same ranking elements, such as on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.

Local SEO, on the other hand, places a lot of emphasis on where your physical store is located. It is used to increase traffic from a nearby geographic area and maximize your online visibility. On the other side, international (or national) SEO targets both local and distant clients.

Given that, it’s a good idea to focus on both processes if you intend to ship nationally or already do so. Many general SEO best practices also apply to local and international SEO.

How to Choose Local SEO Services

Finding the best local SEO company is crucial since they will be your partner in enhancing your online presence and, ideally, making SEO advancements that will directly increase your revenue.

Make sure they have the expertise, resources, and equipment necessary to handle your particular local SEO service requirements. What are your needs, then? Analyze what is already taking place in your company and identify any areas where a local SEO services partner could aid your strategy and execution.

The next step is to choose a business that specializes in your sector. Retail, service enterprises, financial services, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and agencies are a few of the industries that Rio SEO works on.

Regardless of your sector, ask if they have the know-how to support the success of your company in your neighborhood and the geographical area you want to work within.

Live It Up Locally!

Local SEO services are a surefire way for you to increase the number of people that walk through your local business’s front door.

Remember though, that SEO, whether local or global, takes time to show positive results. So figure out your strategy and tactics, and then implement them and give them time to show positive results.

Feeling like it’s the right route for you? Well, we have a managed SEO solution just for you. Check it out now.