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The market size of the Trade Show industry has declined by 1.4% between 2017-2022. With that being said, it’s more important now than ever for you to find different ways to make your trade show exhibits stand out from your competitors.

There’s no need to begin to panic because we’ve got you covered.

Below you’re going to find a list of tips and details for each tip about how to pull off trade show marketing and not only get people to come to your event, but also to stop by your trade show booth and learn about the new and exciting things your business has to offer.

Add Color to Your Booth

We aren’t saying to go crazy and throw bright colors throughout your trade show booth, but adding pops of colors attracts event attendees’ attention. Using more explosive colors is one way to set the mood for your booth and show attendees that you’re welcoming.

With that being said, when you’re using colors, you shouldn’t go overboard and use the entire rainbow. Using too many colors can become overwhelming quickly. We recommend starting with your company brand colors and then finding a few additional colors to complement them and using them throughout your trade show booth.

Other ways to include colors could be to input them into various trade show marketing materials, such as brochures or other documents that will be provided for attendees to view. When choosing colors to use, first think about the audience demographic that will attend the show.

After that, carefully consider the significance behind the colors you’ve chosen and ensure they align with your brand as specified previously.

Choose One Vibrant Color

If using several colors throughout your booth isn’t something you want to do, our next piece of advice is to choose one bold color. This color is the color that will be used for everything you place within your trade show booth, such as the columns or the logo display.

The best way to use the pop of color is when you’re highlighting certain aspects of your business. When people visit your trade show booth, you will stick out in their minds because of the vibrancy of the color you’ve chosen.

Again, before choosing the color you’re going to use, ensure you’re aware of what that color signifies because it will represent your brand and what it stands for.

Don’t Be Afraid to Increase Your Budget

We all have been to a trade show, and one table looks like it’s been thrown together at the last minute. You don’t want to be the company that seems like it attended the trade show without thinking about how you will create your booth.

You don’t have to break your marketing budget to exhibit at the trade show, but sometimes going above and beyond can be what you need to bring a high-end concept to life. Before you attend a trade show, take some time to ask the venue how much space each exhibitor will be given.

Once this is done, you can move forward with creating a plan that you will use to lay out your trade show design. Depending on the message you’re trying to convey, you might need to put more into the design than you initially would.

Also, depending on the size of the trade show, consider bringing in a design team to help bring your plan to life. When you hire a design team, you can ensure that you’re involved in every step of the journey until completion on the day of the show.

Add an Interactive Component

What is going to get attendees to stop at your booth and remain there long enough for you to tell them about your products? We recommend incorporating some type of interactive component that you can use to draw attendees’ attention and keep their attention.

For example, if you’re debuting a new product, you can have someone from your team demo the product at various intervals of the trade show. In some cases, depending on the product, you can ask attendees if they want to try operating the product.

This gets them involved in your booth and can increase your chances of making a sale if that’s your ultimate goal. Other interactive activities you can use include:

  • Virtual reality component
  • Interactive carnival-style game
  • Seminar
  • Survey

Remember, if you’re going to ask people to interact with your company, you’ve got to make it worth their while. This means providing them with an incentive that they receive for participating in the activity you provide.

The best way to do this is to provide information about why the interactive activity benefits them. We also recommend you put a special spin on the activity so you’re different from every other company out there.

You might also consider providing a gift card or free product when they’ve completed the activity.

Trade Show Exhibits: Ways to Standout in a Good Way

When creating the blueprint for your trade show exhibits, there are several ways you can stand out. You could use one color or various colors throughout the booth.

It also helps to ensure you have quality trade show marketing materials that showcase what your business is about. If you require help from a marketing expert, contact the Source Group for more help today.

Let us show you how marketing for a trade show can help enhance your booth and get a leg up on your competitors.