Being memorable as a trade show exhibitor is extremely important for a successful show. Keeping yourself top of mind and putting your brand in a better position than your competitors is accomplished in a number of ways. A few ways to create trade show success are marketing in trade show news magazines, booth games, digital marketing, and trade show giveaways.

Trade Show Giveaways Are Beneficial

Trade Show GiveawayAs a species, we are quite curious. if we see a crowd, we want to check it out. If we see something “cool” we want to look at it. So if your staff is engaging and creating a crowd and if your booth is “cool” looking then you will typically generate more traffic. However, as a species, we tend to forget quickly. So how do you fix that simple challenge? Trade Show Giveaways.

Trade show giveaways are one of those things that if you invest in the right item, you will be remembered. See, we all like free stuff. It acts as a draw to bring in attendees. If you couple that with your other efforts, you will set your booth up for success.

Brand Promotion

When you give somebody products that they will actually use, with your logo on them, you are able to increase brand exposure for your company. Be bold with giveaway branding, and prominently display your company information and logo.

Be Remembered

By choosing the right giveaway, you are putting your company in a position to be remembered. If an attendee remembers you, they are far more likely to engage with you at a later time and therefore more likely to convert from a lead to a client.

How To Choose A Trade Show Giveaway

Trade Show GiveawayProfile Your Audience

When deciding which items to give away, don’t just arbitrarily make selections because you like them or because you are looking to save money. Think about your audience. What do they actually want and more importantly what will they actually use? Make sure your giveaway products can be appreciated and used. Here are some things you should look at.

  • Age
  • Gender Mix
  • Industry
  • Education Level

By looking at the above, you are able to choose a giveaway that can and will create a buzz, driving more traffic to your booth. For example, if you are exhibiting at an outdoor retail trade show, choose something that the attendees would use like but is also in line with your product. if you sell a water bottle, give those away, if you sell electronics, giveaway a portable charger.


Social Media

Keep an eye on your social media. If the giveaway resulted in meaningful customer interaction and subsequent promotion of your company, you will likely see an increase in followers on your social media in the days and weeks following the show.

Website Searches

Similarly, organic entries and search entries for your company should increase after the trade show because of heightened awareness for your brand. Compare the number of searches for your website before and after the trade show.

Contact Information Collection

When giving away products at a tradeshow, make sure people provide their contact information before they are given the product. The more emails and phone numbers you gather, the better.

Tracking Giveaways

When you or your staff follow up with your trade show leads, make sure they ask if they liked your booth’s giveaway.

Should you need help finding a good match for your company, just contact us and we will give you a free consultation to help you.