Flightdocs Launches End-to-End Solution for Rotor Ops

The rotorcraft market, and aviation in general, has seen a growing demand for modern, cloud-based software solutions that can handle the key functions within a flight department — maintenance, flight operations, and inventory management. Over the last several years, Flightdocs has been at the forefront of game-changing software solutions for maintenance and parts managers, and has made a significant impact in the way they operate every day. In working with its customer base, Flightdocs found an opportunity to extend its software into the flight operations side of a flight department and launched its latest module, Fd | Operations, in September 2019.

Fd | Operations delivers advanced tools directly into the hands of the crew, schedulers, and dispatchers and is fully integrated with Fd | Maintenance and Inventory. Key features include drag-and-drop flight scheduling, leg-based trip planning, intuitive crew management, customizable flight logs, native mobile applications, and real-time communication.

Flightdocs President Greg Heine said, “The development of Flightdocs Operations started in early 2018 in response to our customers’ requests for a fully integrated flight department management system. They loved the technology and service we provided for maintenance management and wanted a modern, mobile, real-time solution for flight ops.”

Pathfinder Aviation operates several Airbus and Bell helicopters out of four bases in Alaska and signed on with Flightdocs in 2017. The use of the Flightdocs mobile applications have allowed Pathfinder to gain better visibility into the status of its aircraft and parts, streamline communication, and eliminate redundant data entry. Jesse Kirby of Pathfinder said, “With everyone on our team having logins for Flightdocs, we can complete work in the field and everyone back at home base can see the current status of our fleet. It has really changed the way we work.”

Although it can be used as a standalone solution, the true value of Fd | Operations is the ability to link and integrate silos typically found in flight departments, specifically the maintenance and operations functions. This new approach works to eliminate inefficiencies and create real-time visibility into an operation, trips, and aircraft. From a mobile device, a pilot can report discrepancies along with pictures and video of the issue. Stakeholders are notified, and the status of the aircraft is updated. Fd | Connect communicates without the need for texts, emails, or phone calls. Keeping communication centralized and preventing details from falling through the cracks. Maintenance finds a resolution, signs off the task electronically, and returns the aircraft to service without any paper. Schedulers have real-time visibility to airworthiness status and can plan accordingly. Heine indicated that paperless operators have reported time savings of over 90%, faster turnaround times, and significant reductions in data errors.

2019 was a record year for Flightdocs, highlighted with the introduction of Fd | Operations, strong growth, and new partnerships and products with Textron Aviation, Boeing Global Services (ForeFlight and Aviall), Cirrus Aircraft, Satcom Direct, and Flight Tax Systems.

Visit Flightdocs at Booth #1413.

Winds of Change: Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY Flight Recorders are the World’s Lightest and Least Power Consuming ED112-Compliant Units in Today’s Market

Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY product line upending the CVFDR market

The SENTRY CVFDR, weighing 4.5 pounds (2 kilograms) and consuming only 8 watts max at a steady state, was designed to blend the best of today’s existing capabilities with a new innovative approach to capturing and protecting your flight data. 

SENTRY’s modular architecture was designed with flexibility and durability in mind to allow for aircraft-specific configurations with expansion capabilities that extend functionality as required by operators. 

The SENTRY CVFDR meets all ED-112A requirements, as well as qualifications to DO-160G environmental and power requirements. 

The rugged enclosure of the SENTRY CVFDR can be mounted in any attitude, making it ideal for most airborne operational environments including commercial- or military-fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. 

The SENTRY FDR’s recent FAA TSO approval paves the way for the device to be fitted onboard airframes in all industry segments while enabling operators to save valuable space and weight. 

The CVFDR is currently available in stainless steel and titanium enclosures, and features a range of aircraft interfaces including ARINC-717, analog and discrete sensor inputs, ARINC-429 Data Link recording, configurable high- and low-fidelity audio channels, and rotor speed input. 

The SENTRY recorders interface directly with Flight Data Systems’ Modular Acquisition Unit (MAU) to provide a highly configurable Flight Data Recording system. To learn more about the SENTRY CVFDR, visit www.flightdata.aero, contact sales@flightdata.aero, or stop by Booth #7145.

Eagle Copters — Fly. Let Us Do the Rest.

Article Courtesy of Eagle Copters Ltd.

Since its humble beginnings in 1975, Eagle Copters Ltd. has grown to encompass an expanded portfolio that covers many OEMs including Bell, Sikorsky, and Leonardo. Since expanding its AMO scope, Eagle has increased its product and service offerings to include a catalog of full-MRO services, from start to finish. Eagle is “a one-stop shop,” including structural repairs, avionics, component OH, parts and logistics, engineering, product development (Eagle 407HP and Eagle Single), custom configurations, and interior and exterior paint and decaling. These MRO services are just one of the areas Eagle thrives, also boasting full sales and leasing offerings to its customers.

Eagle’s service offerings are also handled through its partner companies. With locations in Coffs Harbour, Australia; Santiago, Chile; and Springfield, USA, Eagle’s capabilities are offered to clients around the world, and allow for seamless support and offerings to every one of Eagle’s customers. 

Among the list of capabilities, the Eagle 407HP has picked up traction with many 407 operators who see the benefits and increased performance of that conversion. With up to 17% lower fuel burn costs, 12% lower direct maintenance costs, and 22% more shaft horsepower, operators are seeing an increase towards their mission capabilities. Just one of the many services and product lines that Eagle offers, the company always make sure that its customers leave knowing they’ve got a full line of support behind them. 

The team at Eagle is always ready to assist customers with their aircraft needs. We invite those who are interested in working with Eagle, or who want to learn more about what is offered, to can visit our website (www.eaglecopters.com), or get in contact with our team by calling 403-250-7370 or emailing sales@eaglecopters.com.

Please be sure to stop by Booth #6341 during HELI-EXPO 2020 for more information.

Composite Tail Rotor Blades for Bell 206 JetRangers Available! Now Approved in Canada!

Together with Australian manufacturer Airwork Helicopters, Dakota Air Parts is proud to offer composite tail rotor blades for the Bell 206 JetRanger Series helicopters. AMT-206-1 tail rotor blades are a direct replacement for both long and short blades with no gearbox modifications needed!

The blade design incorporates a non-symmetrical airfoil section and a swept tip. The blades are primarily fabricated from unidirectional Graphite (carbon fiber) and Aramid (Kevlar™) continuous fibers suspended in an epoxy matrix.

The nickel abrasion strip is designed to protect the blade under harsh operating conditions, like those encountered in agricultural work. The abrasion strip is 1-3/8 inches wide and covers 23% of the chord, providing protection to all of the blade surfaces exposed during flight, ensuring that erosion doesn’t impact the blade structure.

Operators flying in areas with stringent noise restrictions will find these blades especially valuable. Helicopters operating with the AMT-206-1 tail rotor blade demonstrate noise levels compliant with Stage 3 Noise requirements with an overflight noise level of 80.0 dB.

The AMT-206-1 composite tail rotor blades offer a 30% cost advantage with twice the life over the standard 206 tail rotor blades. Additional features include:

●     5,000-hour time life, twice the life of standard OEM blades.

●     30% lower hourly operating costs.

●     Higher margin of safety due to increased strength.

●     Corrosion-resistant and impervious to saltwater.

●     Replaceable bushings and abrasion strips.

●     Significant noise reduction, 68% reduction over OEM blades.

●     Improved ground clearance.

●     Complies with FAA Stage 3 noise requirements.

●     Tested for over 51 million cycles.

The blades are manufactured in Australia under an Australian Parts Manufacturing Approval (APMA). In addition, they have CASA and FAA STCs and are now approved in Canada with a TCCA STC!

●     FAA STC: SR02644LA.

●     CASA STC: STC-SVR520.

●     TCCA STC: SH18-66.

●     APMA: 410142.

Distribution and sales are managed by Dakota Air Parts and Airwork Helicopters with Airwork managing sales in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea while all other regions are serviced by Dakota Air Parts. Air Services International of Phoenix, Arizona (www.asimro.com) is also a product representative.

For more information on the AMT-206-1 tail rotor blades, as well as to view a set of the blades, please visit Booth #4646 during HELI-EXPO or online at www.dakotaairparts.com!

About Dakota Air Parts Intl., Inc. (www.dakotaairparts.com)

Dakota Air Parts specializes in buying, selling, and support of rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, turbine engines, and parts — OEM and aftermarket. Supported platforms include UH-1, AH-1, OH-58, CH-47, UH-60, Bell 205/206/212/412, MD 500 series, Honeywell T53 and T55 engines. Dakota is a U.S. Department of State and ATF registered exporter/importer. For more information about Dakota Air Parts call 701-297-9999 or visit www.dakotaairparts.com.

About Airwork Helicopters (www.airwork.com.au) Airwork Helicopters is widely regarded as one of the best helicopter pilot training facilities in Australia. Located at Caboolture Airport north of the Brisbane Airwork Helicopters provides engineering services, flight training, aerial agriculture services, aerial work and charter flights. For more information about Airwork Helicopters call +61 7 5495 8000 or visit

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Stellar Marketplace

The Independent Business-to-Business Marketplace for Charter Operators, Brokers, and Corporate Flight Departments

At this year’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), Silicon Valley-based aviation technology company Stellar Labs is unveiling the Stellar Marketplace, the independent business-to-business marketplace for charter operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments. 

The Stellar Marketplace brings trusted partners (charter operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments) together to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and trust. The robust, easy-to-use platform allows buyers and sellers of charter flights to offer, search for, quote, and book available aircraft using real-time pricing, aircraft availability, and safety information. Streamlined workflows reduce the wait time, manual processes, and double data entry common in today’s solutions. 

“Current off-fleet sourcing solutions have unreliable information, are slowed down with manual processes, or are hard to search,” said Stellar’s Founder and CEO David Fox. “These issues cause wasted time and loss of sales. Because the Stellar Marketplace pulls reliable, up-to-date information directly from an operator’s schedule board, members with off-fleet sourcing needs now have a single source of truth for pricing and scheduling.”

The Stellar Marketplace is an independent and neutral electronic exchange, providing unbiased exposure for all members. Members access the marketplace through Stellar’s quoting application, a powerful SaaS solution that provides CRM functions, trip building, multiple aircraft and itinerary options, customized quotes, an advanced pricing engine, and feasibility checks. New features, including custom documents, similar quote warning, and floating fleet, are flexible enough to enable the operations of even the largest, complex charter companies. Using Stellar’s quoting application and the Stellar Marketplace, operators can now easily compare owned-fleet and off-fleet options to enable the best decision making for every situation.

The Stellar Marketplace is the latest addition to the sharing economy, which is growing fast and here to stay. A recent report by the accounting firm PwC forecasts key sectors of the sharing economy to grow from $15 billion in 2014 to $335 billion in 2025. At the heart of leading sharing businesses, like rideshare and accommodation rental services, lies an online marketplace, connecting potential buyers to willing sellers with real-time availability and true upfront cost. The high integrity of Stellar Marketplace data reduces time-consuming and often frustrating steps, providing members with the seamless experience expected of a modern solution. 

To learn more about Stellar or the Stellar Marketplace, email info@stellar.aero or visit www.stellar.aero. You can also visit Booth #C11422.

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Air Ambulance Systems From Med-Pac, Inc.

Six years ago, at a bar in a tiny Minnesota village, an aircraft mechanic met a critical care nurse and flight medic; the meeting was fate. The first meeting was something out of a movie. The nurse was performing CPR on a bar patron who was in cardiac arrest, and the mechanic watched in awe as she saved a life. He then decided he needed this gal to join his team at Med-Pac, Inc. 

Fast-forward six years, and this team of Ralph Braaten and Elizabeth Hoadley has brainstormed and created many new interiors, cabinets, lifts, and medical accessory options for their loyal customers. The team is a perfect fit of creativity, drive, dedication, and ingenuity. 

“We love working directly with our customers to create their dream medevac interiors for their operations,” said Hoadley. “Customization is becoming one of our specialties. It sets us apart from the competition. Ralph is an amazing engineer. The two of us have become an unstoppable designing team. He creates medevac interiors and accessories from little more than a sketch or idea from me. Before I know it, I have a prototype.”

“No two medevac providers operate the same, so why only provide the same medical interior for them all?” added Hoadley.

“Although customers start with the Med-Pac 400, Pro, and EMS Lite stretcher systems, with our accessories, they can create what they wish for their operations,” said Braaten. 

Hoadley continued, “They need more oxygen? We have that. Need more mounting options for equipment? We have that. Need an electric lift? We have that. More storage? We have that.”

As Med-Pac approaches its 20th anniversary next year, its focus is to continue to develop lightweight, quick-change solutions that can be tailored to each customer. 

“We’ll work with them,” said Hoadley. “We’ll make their dreams come true. We keep true to our motto: ‘Customer-Focused and Quality-Driven.’ We’re lighter, faster, and more cost-effective than our competitors.”

For more information, please visit Booth #N5513 or www.med-pac.net.

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Dallas Aeronautical Services Announces Challenger 300-350 Inlet Acoustic Panel and Structural Overhaul Lifetime Warranty

CEDAR HILL, Texas — Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS, www.dasvcs.com) is proud to announce the launch of an industry-leading Inlet Acoustic and Structural Inlet Overhaul Lifetime Warranty program for Challenger 300 and 350 aircraft owners and operators.

The owner-centric, non-transferable Lifetime Warranty program protects both acoustic panel and inlet structure assembly functionality and workmanship for the life of the in-service aircraft. In addition, the company will continue to offer the existing, transferable 36-month warranty option, continuing DAS’ historical pledge of assurance and flexibility to aircraft owners and operator clientele.

“This Lifetime Warranty is the direct result of the quality of our comprehensive inlet repair, field-tested longevity, and post-repair performance lifespan,” Eli da Silva, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DAS. “Our OEM spec inlet repair is comprehensive, thorough, and continually recognized by Challenger 300 and 350 owners and operators. Lifetime coverage of both inlet acoustic panel and structure repairs is the next logical step to support our clients. This program surpasses OEM and current industry warranty offerings.”

The DAS Inlet Acoustic and Structural Lifetime Warranty covers the following overhaul components:

  • Wire mesh and perforated skin — including corrosion.
  • Bonded assembly to include the core and skin — including corrosion.
  • Outer skins — including erosion on the graphite surface at fastener locations.
  • Mount/attach ring — including corrosion.

Each overhaul is performed using an FAA-approved DAS Overhaul Manual, bringing the inlet to meet/exceed OEM standards, including aft-mount ring replacement, outer barrel assembly repair, and customer-specific paint and polish. DAS offers fixed pricing and 12- to 14-day turn time for each inlet overhaul.

“In addition to the non-transferable Lifetime Warranty, we also support our customers with a fully transferable, 36-month inlet repair warranty option, which is based on the date of the of 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval,” states da Silva. “Both warranty options include corrosion coverage and our recognized workmanship. We feel this is an essential service for our customers.”

Both the DAS Lifetime Warranty and 36-Month Warranty programs include a thorough pre-overhaul assessment and consultation, providing Challenger 300 and 350 owners and operators full disclosure details and specifics of the warranty options. For detailed Lifetime Warranty information, conditions, and details, please contact DAS.

Dallas Aeronautical Services provides overhaul and repair of corporate and commercial aircraft composites, structures, and assemblies. DAS specializes in thrust reversers, control surfaces, engine cowls, pylon and floor panels, doors, and radome repair and testing: Bombardier Learjet and Challenger, Gulfstream, Piaggio, Embraer, Boeing, and Hawker Beechcraft and Beechjet components. FAA Repair Station #XQDR264Y.

DAS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of West Star Aviation Holdings, LLC. The company continues to operate under its unique brand while offering West Star Aviation customers their products and capabilities. For more information, visit www.weststaraviation or call 800-922-2421.

Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) | 1456 Edgefield Way, Cedar Hill, TX, 75104 | 972-723-3164 | www.dasvcs.com.

Visit Booth #N3617 for more information.

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Meet Aviation Tax Group

Warren Alston is the Co-Founder and President of Aviation Tax Group. Prior to forming Aviation Tax Group in 2010, he spent eight years as Vice President of a sales and use tax consulting firm, where his dedication to the clients and his desire to fight for their legal rights led to more than 750 exemptions from California sales and use tax and millions of dollars in savings. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in the growth of the firm and its reputation. Alston holds a B.S. in accounting.

Q: Please tell us a bit about the company, including a brief history of Aviation Tax Group and an overview of your business today.

A: In 2010, my partner, Julia Chan, and I formed Aviation Tax Group to assist California aircraft owners to mitigate the sales and use tax on the purchase of aircraft. With a combined 20 years of experience, we have helped over 1,000 clients successfully obtain an exemption from California sales and use tax. Together, we work professionally with respect and diligence to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients.

We have found, over the years, that a large percentage of aircraft buyers do not realize they can exempt their aircraft purchases from California sales and use tax. Some find out they can exempt their purchase on their second or third aircraft purchase. Others try to do it on their own by researching and piecing information together from the internet, only to run into trouble or fail because of their misunderstanding of the laws and requirements. We are here to educate and assist aircraft owners on how to legally reduce their tax burdens. We provide detailed instructions and proven strategies in order to support a claim for sales and use tax exemption.

Q: How can our readers find out more about your company?

A: To find out more about our company, how we can help you, or to learn how we are different from all of our competitors, visit www.aviationtaxgroup.com, call 916-930-6141, or stop by our 2019 NBAA Booth #C8236.

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Straube’s Aircraft Services — We Paint the Skies!

Article Courtesy of Straube’s Aircraft Services

Straube’s Aircraft Services first started with one man’s vision back in 1985 and today this family-owned business has locations stretching from coast to coast. Each location is strategically placed to better serve the customer and their custom aircraft painting needs. Straube’s belief in Teamwork — Together Everyone Achieves More —and their ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality paint and refinishing services has stood the test of time. Straube’s has always operated under the simple motto that, “Our guarantee is your satisfaction, and we take pride in the fact that the job is not finished until the customer is satisfied.”

Each and every one of Straube’s employees have been specifically trained to deliver the very best in customer service and care, as well as world-class quality paint, corrosion control, and interior/exterior detailing services.

Straube’s Arizona location was established in 1994 and occupies a 10,000 square feet hangar, specializing in GA and corporate aircraft. The Arizona location has been delivering high-quality paint services for more than 25 years. Our Arizona location has provided services to Red Bull, Cal Fire, Papillon, and Grand Canyon Airlines — it’s even painted a presidential aircraft for the Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Park.

Straube’s newest facility, located at the Falcon Field Airport in Peachtree City, Georgia, will be focusing on providing the very best in custom fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft painting services as well as interior, maintenance, repair, and avionics capabilities. The new facility features a three-bay open-floor hangar configuration measuring a full 98 feet by 101 feet and 8 inches and a door height of 30 feet. An additional 26,500 square feet of space will be reserved for interior and avionics work. Straube’s Georgia location is becoming very well known in the aircraft industry for delivering high-quality aircraft paint services through their teamwork, honesty, and commitment to excellence.

Straube’s Hawaii location is located in Kapolei, Hawaii on the island of Oahu and also occupies a 10,000 square feet hangar. Our Hawaii location offers complete aircraft painting services as well as full-service detailing. In 2013, Straube’s Aircraft Services Hawaii won the bid to paint the massive spaceship, Virgin Galactic, and with a seven-member crew completed the entire paint job in less than two weeks. Our Hawaii location also serves as home office for our mobile crew and operations. Straube’s mobile is available worldwide and specializes in painting live and static aircrafts.

Straube’s Pennsylvania location serves as Leonardo Helicopters in-house paint contractor. In 2013 our Philadelphia location received their Part 145 repair station certification. The Philadelphia crew has more than 30 employees and has painted dozens of high-profile helicopters that operate in countries all over the world.

What started out as one man’s vision, Straube’s has grown into one of the country’s top-rated Aircraft Painting and Refinishing Companies. The Straube’s belief in Teamwork “Together Everyone Achieves More”and their ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality paint and refinishing services has stood the test of time and they will continue to Paint the Skies” for years to come.

For more information, go to Booth #C12935; or contact Jeremiah Straube, Business Development, Sales and Marketing Director/Straube’s Aircraft Services at 808-228-7841 or salessas@airstraube.com; or go online to www.airstraube.com.

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PFC Presents Latest Version of King Air Flight Training Device

Article By Juan Mendez, ATP/CFII

Established in 1990, Precision Flight Controls, Inc. (PFC) is recognized as a global leader in providing the flight training community with affordable, high-fidelity flight training devices and components. Its flight training devices simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft, as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft. Our simulators are approved by regulatory agencies around the world and are utilized in hundreds of aviation and educational facilities on just about every continent, including such prestigious organizations as the Navy, Air Force, Army, State Department, Department of Defense, FBI, FAA, the European Space Agency, and NASA.

Precision Flight Controls embraces and promotes the spirit of innovation as an integral component of design and production. Recently added is its Technically Advanced King Air, featuring a technically advanced digital flight deck based on its flagship Modular Flight Deck (MFD) platform. The King Air analog flight deck simulator has been manufactured at PFC for over 12 years, and its veritable simulator has been in use as a training device for King Aircrews and pilots with unparalleled success. PFC has hit it out of the park with the latest version of its King Air flight training device.

The highly advanced digital flight deck has resulted in a simulator with the capability to train King Air initial and recurrent pilots in a modern state of the art avionics system, which emulates G1000 functionality with seamless fidelity. Because of its popularity, it is rapidly being retrofitted into older King Airs and is the functional equivalent of newly manufactured King Airs today. The result for PFC customers is a simulator that enables the training of pilots in a complex avionics system before stepping into the aircraft. This training is both cost-effective and presents far less risk exposure compared with in-aircraft training. In addition to the digital avionics, the simulator has received a comprehensive modernization upgrade and new features, such as control loading, 3DOF and 6DOF motion, and upgraded fuel and electrical systems that represent the aircraft systems and facilitate teaching those systems at a level equivalent to type-specific training. PFC has raised the bar by substantially enhancing quality through tightly controlled manufacturing processes that have produced the look, form, and function of the actual King Air aircraft.  

As a Flight Instructor, I have conducted training in PFC’s legacy King Air simulator for over 10 years with great success. I have watched with what can only be described as intense anticipation for the completion of the new King Air’s technically advanced flight deck. My impression upon flying the new simulator was that I was flying a modern level C or D simulator with a highly technically advanced interface. The amount of information available facilitates teaching at a level that approaches type training. The new digital King Air is currently certified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and will be submitted to the FAA for FTD certification later this year. For more information on the latest innovations from Precision Flight Controls, visit www.flypfc.com or Booth #N5631.