The Independent Business-to-Business Marketplace for Charter Operators, Brokers, and Corporate Flight Departments

At this year’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), Silicon Valley-based aviation technology company Stellar Labs is unveiling the Stellar Marketplace, the independent business-to-business marketplace for charter operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments.

The Stellar Marketplace brings trusted partners (charter operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments) together to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and trust. The robust, easy-to-use platform allows buyers and sellers of charter flights to offer, search for, quote, and book available aircraft using real-time pricing, aircraft availability, and safety information. Streamlined workflows reduce the wait time, manual processes, and double data entry common in today’s solutions.

“Current off-fleet sourcing solutions have unreliable information, are slowed down with manual processes, or are hard to search,” said Stellar’s Founder and CEO David Fox. “These issues cause wasted time and loss of sales. Because the Stellar Marketplace pulls reliable, up-to-date information directly from an operator’s schedule board, members with off-fleet sourcing needs now have a single source of truth for pricing and scheduling.”

The Stellar Marketplace is an independent and neutral electronic exchange, providing unbiased exposure for all members. Members access the marketplace through Stellar’s quoting application, a powerful SaaS solution that provides CRM functions, trip building, multiple aircraft and itinerary options, customized quotes, an advanced pricing engine, and feasibility checks. New features, including custom documents, similar quote warning, and floating fleet, are flexible enough to enable the operations of even the largest, complex charter companies. Using Stellar’s quoting application and the Stellar Marketplace, operators can now easily compare owned-fleet and off-fleet options to enable the best decision making for every situation.

The Stellar Marketplace is the latest addition to the sharing economy, which is growing fast and here to stay. A recent report by the accounting firm PwC forecasts key sectors of the sharing economy to grow from $15 billion in 2014 to $335 billion in 2025. At the heart of leading sharing businesses, like rideshare and accommodation rental services, lies an online marketplace, connecting potential buyers to willing sellers with real-time availability and true upfront cost. The high integrity of Stellar Marketplace data reduces time-consuming and often frustrating steps, providing members with the seamless experience expected of a modern solution.

To learn more about Stellar or the Stellar Marketplace, email or visit You can also visit Booth #C11422.