Avioq offers products and services for in-vitro diagnostic HIV screening and confirmatory tests.  Avioq has CDMO services as well as custom assay and cell culture capabilities.  We are well-positioned to help with bringing new products to market. Our R&D, Quality, and Manufacturing teams have successfully designed and developed numerous medical diagnostic products over the past 30 years. Put that experience to work to get your product to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Our Products:

Recently FDA approved HIV Profile™ assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for confirmation and differentiation of individual antibodies directed to various gene products of HIV-1 (Group M & Group O) and HIV-2 in human serum or plasma. It is intended as an additional, more specific test to confirm the presence of antibodies in specimens repeatedly reactive in diagnostic procedures. The CE Mark version can also be used in epidemiological studies to distinguish recent from longstanding HIV-1 infection for incidence estimation.
The FDA licensed HTLV-I/II assay for screening serum and plasma from blood donors and cadaveric samples, which also has CE marking and Health Canada approval.

The Avioq HIV-1 assay, the only product with FDA-approved claims for testing serum, plasma, dried blood spots, and oral fluid specimens.

Work with Avioq for your next CDMO project

Instead of using consultants who talk about the regulatory process we actually live it. We develop and manufacture our own FDA and CE Mark products to the highest standards.

Our facility is FDA (BLA) licensed and ISO 13485:2016 certified. The facility has been inspected numerous times by FDA and ISO, as well as by external partners.

We can help you with exploratory research, proof of concept projects, feasibility studies, and research lots.

Entrust your project to Avioq, we will focus on getting your product through our mature Quality System, approvable by Regulatory Authorities, manufactured and to market as quickly as possible. Our team will guide you past the regulatory delays and pitfalls.

Custom Assay Development

Avioq’s research scientists are experts in ELISA assay development. Working side by side Avioq provides efficiencies with shorter timelines to accelerate IVD product development and commercialization. Our project team can move quickly to get your prototype assay ready without incurring large startup costs.

Cell Culture Development

We can take your engineered mammalian and bacterial cell lines from the initial development phase to a high-throughput cGMP manufacturing process.

BioManufacturing Services that we can offer you:

  • Cell culture optimization for high yields and low cost
  • Engineered protein purification, analysis and characterization
  • Production scales from t-flasks to bioreactors
  • cGMP production facilities and a fully developed Quality System
  • cGMP Bio Safety Level 2 facility

Avioq is an in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturer and a contract development, contract manufacturing organization. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Avioq has an FDA licensed manufacturing facility and large, modern R&D laboratories.

  Mike Cronin at 919.314.5535 or email us for a free consultation at infor@avioq.com.