Bunting is very excited to be exhibiting at PACK EXPO 2021, where you will be able to find us at Booth #5917. We can’t wait to meet with you face-to-face and tell you all about our latest product developments, including our new Big Bag Metal Detector. If you’re interested in hearing about some of our classic product offerings, such as our Magnetic Liquid Traps, we are just as eager to tell you everything you would like to know.

If you have not heard of us before, you may be wondering—who is Bunting?

Since 1959, Bunting has been a family-owned, family-operated company. Headquartered in Newton, KS, Bunting currently has multiple branches within the United States as well as abroad in the United Kingdom. Our DuBois, Pennsylvania branch has a unique role as it is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded, injection-molded, and hybrid magnets used in custom-designed permanent magnet assemblies. These assemblies are used in the military, aerospace, automotive, and other industrial commercial industries. As a company, Bunting is committed to upholding the all-American values of innovation, dedication, and hard work that Bunting was founded upon sixty years ago.

New Big Bag Metal Detector Bunting-Newton serves many aspects of the processing and packaging industry, including dry bulk and granular processing, pneumatic conveying, and products designed for implementation in liquid, paste, and slurry applications.  Bunting-Newton offers an enormous catalog of highly effective magnetic separation and metal detection solutions. Some of our most popular magnetic separation products include Bunting’s Quick Cleaning and Self-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnets, Pneumatic In-Line Magnets, Corrosion-Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap, and Manual Self-Cleaning FF Drawer Magnets.  Some of our most popular metal detectors for the processing and packaging industry include Bunting’s quickTRON™ 07, pTRON™, and pipeLINE™ metal detectors.

We work with customers to determine their exact needs and develop custom-designed products that will perfectly suit the challenges of the industry they are working in and the materials they are handling, as well as being designed to fit within the existing layout of the customer’s facility.  Removing all metal contaminants from your products ensures you provide your customers with the highest quality, highest purity goods. Our cutting-edge products provide comprehensive metal removal solutions you can trust.

As new challenges present themselves, we are always ready to tackle them and present our customers with custom-designed, tailored solutions. For example, our Big Bag Metal Detector was designed to address metal contamination hidden within large bags of powder material, such as 100lb bags of flour. When inspecting 50-100lb bags of dry product, the meTRON 07 can detect 316 stainless steel as small as 2.0mm, and ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles as small as 1.5mm. This impressive detection capability means that even the tiniest metal particles will be sensed and rejected, protecting your product purity and upholding your brand reputation.

Bunting is a company with many years of history, and in addition to pursuing development of new products, we are also constantly improving our existing product range. Many of our products, such as our Magnetic Liquid Traps, have served the needs of our customers for many years. Our reputation for design excellence and superior customer service has made Bunting a trusted brand for many different customers in many different industries.

We cannot wait to connect with you at PACK EXPO 2021. We hope you will visit Bunting at Booth #5917!