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Digital marketing is a tentpole of advertising in our online world. Do you often find yourself asking “what is digital marketing?” If the answer is yes, then you need to hire a digital marketing agency as soon as possible.

Consider Source Group, one of the premier digital marketing companies. Our comprehensive services and friendly experts will kickstart your digital marketing campaign in no time, plus reinvigorate outdated content.

Service of Interest

What we offer:

SEO Management

Rank at the top of industry searches with a customized SEO strategy plan.

We start by running a full audit through all your previous copy, finding which keywords you already rank on your page. Along the way, we’ll check the copy to see if it’s already optimized within our SEO guidelines and figure out what we can improve.

The magic begins after we complete the audit. From there, we organize an advanced plan tailor-made for your business’s needs. Our plan combines content optimization, strategic link building, and more for a complete SEO package.

Our commitment to communication carries directly into our SEO services. We’ll provide your campaign with a dedicated SEO professional to serve as a campaign manager and point of contact for questions and reports.

Social Media Management

In today’s influencer-dominated world, social media management serves an essential role in any digital marketing plan. Let the social media experts at Source Group reel in the likes and shares.

Our specific digital marketing strategy focuses on building a distinct social media presence for your brand. We’ll carve a unique niche for your brand, all while following established social media strategies and new trends to keep you at the top of feeds.

We’ll take advantage of the platforms you’re already on and re-energize your followers for increased engagement. Then, we’ll dip into new outlets to reach potential clients you’re missing. All the while, a responsive social media manager will answer any questions about your analytics and our strategy.

Google Ads Management

Want to dominate your client’s Google searches? Our Google Ads management is here to help.

Google Ads is an advertising solution used to showcase a company’s products and services through Google itself. Advertisements in Google searches and seen before YouTube videos both fall under the Google Ads banner.

Advertising with Google Ads is Pay per click or PPC for short. With Google Ads, your ad will appear at the top of Google’s search results. You’ll only pay for those ads, however, if a user engages with them.

While effective in the right hands, businesses using Google Ads struggle to generate a positive ROI. Source Group will ensure your ads remain in your marketing budget and smoothen the confusing paid search management process.

Digital Marketing Plans That Have Actually Worked For Thousands Of Clients

Our Marketing Process

Step 1: Book a Strategy Call

The first step towards optimized digital marketing is figuring out what plan works best for your business. Book a strategy call for a one-on-one consultation where we’ll learn your needs and how we can best assist you.

We offer 15-minute Q&As, 30-minute digital marketing meetings, and 60-minute consulting and planning meetings to match your needs wherever you’re at in your digital marketing process.

Step 2: Create a Campaign Road Map

Once we know how to best serve your business, we’ll plot a digital marketing road map to follow throughout our partnership.

Our map will plot every angle of your campaign, including deadlines, objectives, and expectations. Of course, we’ll cater the map to your specific campaign goals and desires.

Step 3: Execute Plans With Our Team

With a road map in tow, our team will spring into action. You’ll work in conjunction with our skilled group of content specialists, designers, and strategists to pump out digital marketing content.

The Source Group team is always at your disposal. Have questions or concerns about your campaign? A team member will answer promptly, and immediately get started fixing the problem.

Step 4: Gain and Retain Customers

Through every step of the plan, you’ll gain more and more new customers. Our expert analysts keep careful track of what strategies work most effectively to bring clients to your brand. From there, we pivot gears throughout a campaign for peak benefits.

Ready To Get To Work?

Our dedication to your success is the reason why Source Group has become one of the largest and most successful trade show companies in the U.S.

We have our finger on the pulse of the trade show marketing industry – emerging trends, new product launches, technological innovations, the appointment of new leadership, and a sneak peek into what industry advancements are expected to hit the market next year.

Partner with us and let’s take your business to the next level.

A Legacy of Digital Marketing Success

Source Group, LLC has helped thousands of businesses with both digital and print marketing. We’re a family-owned brand, bringing together decades of collective team experience to super-charge your marketing campaigns. Our clients love working with us thanks to our wide range of expertise and commitment to customer service.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost with Source Group?

The price of digital marketing with Source Group varies based on the size of your business and which services you order. For example, managed SEO plans start at as low as $500 per month, while social management plans start at $199 per month.

We offer custom quotes to all our clients before they decide to work with us.

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