Email Marketing

Get your message to the right inbox, at the time, and start growing your sales

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy in which a business sends emails to prospects and customers. An Effective marketing email can convert potential prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Source Group Email Marketing Campaigns are highly targeted to exceed industry-standard open rates and click-through rates. In fact, in the event that an email campaign only performs at industry standard levels, we will resend your campaign automatically a second time at no charge

Email Marketing Features

Email Campaigns

We create email campaigns that help you reach your target audience and expand your brand.

  • Multivariate Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Standard Campaigns
  • Delayed Delivery
  • Personalized Naming Tags
  • Segment Campaigns

Email Landing Pages

We have the ability to deliver email campaigns that direct to custom landing pages which help increase conversion.

  • Branded
  • Forms
  • Free Downloads
  • Accept Payments
  • and More

Digital Ads

Campaigns work best when you use digital ads to remind people to take an action after opening your email.

  • Target Those Who Open The Email
  • Remind People To Take Action
  • remind People Who Go To Your Website To Come Back
  • Abandon Cart Campaigns

Social Media

Our Email Campaigns have the ability to be posted to your social Media Pages.

  • Reach People Where They Are
  • Extend the Reach Of Your Campaign
  • Turn Followers Into Customers
  • Gain Helpful Marketing Insights
  • Keep Follower Engaged

Email Automation

Do you need a consistent email campaigns? We can plan and automate your campaigns.

  • Works With Your CRM
  • Welcome Emails
  • Birthday Emails
  • Anniversary Emails
  • Abandon Cart Emails
  • Opt-in Emails

Signup Forms

Do you need to grow your list? Use signup forms to grow and engage with the right people.

  • Social media Forms
  • Website Forms
  • Email Forms
  • Landing Page Forms
  • Pop Ups Forms
  • Double Opt-in
Guest Posting

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