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Hospitality Industry News
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With articles and interviews featuring the industry’s top companies and leaders, Hospitality Industry News is hospitality’s premier publication. Our influence is so significant that the publication helps industry professionals make big decisions regarding innovative products and new technology.

During HD Expo, new issues of Hospitality Industry News are distributed every day. These issues include everything from product features to company profiles to super-sized advertisements. If you need to draw attention to your booth, trust us to ensure your fresh content and message reach the right audience.

Hospitality Industry News

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Trade shows are evolving. Once upon a time, they were simple networking events; today, they are immersive experiences that excite and educate consumers. Companies across all industry sectors are taking advantage of the many benefits of trade show marketing –– hospitality is no exception.

One of the best ways to draw attention to your service is by advertising in a reputable trade show news publication. When it comes to hospitality marketing, there is no magazine as trusted as Hospitality Industry News.

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You need to give trade show attendees a reason to interact with your brand. If you don’t stand out, you won’t leverage the full potential of the trade show or your network. Advertising in Hospitality Industry News ensures your business will be showcased through print and digital media.

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Hospitality Industry News
Hospitality Industry News Advertising
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Hospitality Industry News

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Hospitality Industry News is a Source Group publication read by top industry experts worldwide. Attract valuable attention to your booth during your next trade show when you advertise in Hospitality Industry News.