Trade Show Marketing


Source Group selects trade shows that are the largest and most successful in today’s marketplace. We work with advertising agencies, small and large business owners, marketing managers and brand developers to customize each advertising package based on their individual needs. We have a full editorial staff and award-winning design team who will ensure your company is represented at it’s best. We guarantee that each publication is carefully crafted and meets the highest standards in the publishing industry. Whether that’s making last second changes with our flexible deadlines, or having 24/7 availability to our production team, we’re ready to provide the best customer service you’ve ever experienced.

Trade Show News Publications


Our publications are almost twice the size of a regular magazine at 11.125” w x 14.25” h and is printed on full-color, high-gloss 60 lb. paper, not low-grade paper like regular newsprint! We work with a highly-skilled printer who ensures that color, accuracy, and content are correct in each finished product. As our partner, they give us access to the latest equipment in the industry.

Trade Show News Publications

Pack and Ship

Our publications arrive before the show, in pristine condition, and on time for the first day of distribution. Packing and shipping are carefully organized so that nothing will be lost or damaged in transit.

Trade Show News Publications


Source Group publications are almost everywhere! Distribution and travel logistics are planned far in advance of each show. We have a dedicated team who travels three weeks out of the month and know each city like the back of their hand. Soon after arrival, they are up very early in the morning to start their process — much earlier than the convention even starts!

Our publications can be found on the sidewalks going to and from the convention center and in the hands of newspaper carriers — not sitting around in bins waiting to be picked up! We are at shuttle stops and rail stops. We even make early morning deliveries to the hotels where the attendees are staying. No matter which day you attend the show, we are certain to be there!