Source Group publications are read by the world’s top industry professionals during the most critical time of year — the trade show. Daily issues highlight executive interviews, product features and company profiles with full color photos and super-sized advertisements (11.125″ wide x 14.25″ high) covering what’s new in the industry. Fresh content reaches exhibitors, attendees and decision makers daily, attracting attention to your booth. Click on the links below to launch a 3-D version of each issue.

2019 Issues

Pre Show Edition - May 31st

3rd Edition - June 3rd

1st Edition - June 1st

2nd Edition - June 2nd

2018 Issues

Pre Show Edition - June 1st

3rd Edition - June 4th

1st Edition - June 2nd

2nd Edition - June 3rd

2017 Issues

Pre Show Edition

2016 Issues

2015 Issues



Learn more about our process, our aggressive distribution and why source group publications are known as the “voice of the exhibitor.”

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