exhibitorsTrade shows offer you a great opportunity to meet potential suppliers, network, and learn about new products. The trade show industry is worth $14.6bn in 2021. Exhibitors will be keen to get your contact information. They want to follow up with interested people after the trade show. After all, there isn’t time at the show to get into the ‘nitty gritty’. These follow-up calls give you the space to talk properly.

You might wonder if you should let every exhibitor capture your details. Read on to find out.

Plan Your Visit Before You Go

It’s a good idea to research vendors ahead of time. That way, you know which companies to make time for. Use the advance trade show guide to find which trade show exhibits you want to visit. You can also plan which talks or seminars you want to attend. Keep this list of ‘target’ exhibits handy when you’re at the trade show. Prioritize visiting these exhibits first. You can browse the rest of the trade show once you’ve visited the displays that will be useful for you. Attending a virtual trade show? Consider making appointments with specific exhibitors before you go. This guarantees you time to speak to them at the virtual trade show booth. It also means you can limit who has your information.

Should You Give Out Your Information?

Exhibitors at trade show displays will try to take your contact details. They want to follow up with potential leads after the trade show. Are they one of your priority exhibitors? Do you want to hear from them again after the show? If you know you will never need their services, you can say no. Otherwise, the company will spend time and effort trying to get you on the phone. That’s time they could be better spending on potential leads. That said, just because an exhibitor might not be a perfect fit now doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. Your business might pivot, and the new direction will need the exhibitor’s help.

We recommend that you give your details to exhibitors anyway. You can discuss your specific needs after the trade show. The exhibitors may have other solutions for you. Or you can stay on their mailing list and stay up to date with what they’re doing.

Dealing with Exhibitors

Decide which information you want them to have. An email address is a great option because you control when you check your inbox. If you do give them a phone number, provide a window of time when you’re available for follow-up calls. Giving them your website address is also a good way to get extra traffic. Most exhibitors will take down your information electronically. They may also ask extra questions around revenue, needs, or time in business. These questions may seem intrusive but they ensure the right sales staff follow-up.

So how do you decline if you don’t want exhibitors to have your details? You can simply say you’re not interested right now, but you have their website information.

Make the Most of Trade Shows

Meeting exhibitors is one of the best parts of attending a trade show. You can ask specific questions and get personalized answers in real-time. Giving the exhibitors your details lets them follow up with you outside the trade show. This gives you both more time and space to talk properly since trade shows can be so busy.

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