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Trade Show Publications
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We’ll help you put your business on the map through trade show management, email marketing, managed SEO campaigns, and social media management. Put your trust in a team that can support you with both traditional advertising and digital marketing skills.

Dynamic Marketing Platforms That Integrate Live Events & Online Media

We are an industry-leading trade show and digital marketing company, creating dynamic marketing platforms that integrate live events and media into immersive trade show experiences.

Trade Show Print & Digital Advertising

With thousands of trade show attendees under one roof, you must motivate them to stop by your booth. That is where we come in. We’ll help you with a print ad and display design for your trade show. Plus, we’ll help you come up with digital ads that draw customers into your booth and keep them there during the event.

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What Customers Are Saying About Source Group

We are one of the most creative and experienced live event companies, creating connections and meaningful business relationships through live events and effective marketing. That’s why our past clients have nothing but good things to say about us:

Thanks for your efforts in helping us put our ads in the Drug Industry News. The print quality is perfect!
Overall we had thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your group.

Jian Chen, EDETEK, Inc.

Thank you very much for running the full page ad and two write-ups in the Pack Expo editions of Packaging Industry News. I owe much of my success at the show to your distribution efforts to get your publication in the attendee’s hands. It was a pleasure working with you and everyone on your staff. I look forward to working with Source Group again.

Ron Heiskell, Reduced Effort, Inc.

We found the resource to be quite helpful to drive attendance at a 7 am event. We expected pretty low turnout, maybe 5 to 10, but had 27 people attend. We credit this due to effort we made in conjunction with CNJ to get the word out. We found the investment worth the return.

Steve Pemberton, Rheonix
The show was great and the ad definitely brought us several leads.
Diesha Cooper, D. Cooper Works

Before BIO gets underway, I wanted to take a minute to recognize the extraordinary support that every member of the Source Group team has given us this year.

To a person, they have been professional and service-oriented and made it easy to do business with you.

From a single email laying out every item required, the specs and due date, to follow-up, editing, production and traffic, your team has been great to work with and our agency has had exactly the same experience.

FYI- KUDOS on the publication distribution along the Bus Routes, in front of the Convention Center; Many people found out about us because they saw our full page Ad while riding the bus to the 2017 VEGAS AHR trade show, I think it really made a difference in our Booth Traffic!

Since we have a tiny advertising budget, advertising in your publication is a HUGE deal for our small business. This annual international show is our biggest show and we have been an exhibitor for many years. Even though we are a small business, HVAC Refrigeration Daily helps us look like the big fish in the show pond.

Trade Show, Print and Digital Marketing Solutions

Trade Show Publications

Daily issues highlight executive interviews, product features, and company profiles with full-color photos and super-sized advertisements covering what’s new in the industry. Fresh content reaches exhibitors, attendees, and decision-makers daily, attracting attention to your booth.

Magazine Advertising

Putting your name out there in print form that people will read is one of the best ways to market your trade show and put your name on the map. We help you by listing your business in magazine adverts and watch as the attendees flock to your booth to learn more about who you are and what you do.

Magazine Printing Services

Do you have your own publication you want to put out there? Source Group will help you get your business magazine printed and prepared for your next big event! Together, we’ll develop a publication that draws in customers and engages your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the ways that we draw people into your site is through search engine optimization. Take advantage of our guest posting, on-page and managed SEO, link building, press releases, content syndication, website content creation, managed blogging, targeted email marketing, and reputation management. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Website Design

Part of what draws people into your trade show booth is having an attractive and engaging website. We help you draw in your clientele through superior website design, helping you develop an online presence that entices customers to visit your booth and to purchase your services.

Social Media Management

We work with thousands of clients across more than 70 live events and connect more than a million attendees with the right companies at the right time. And how do we do that? By reaching people through social media channels and encouraging them to visit your company booth on the platforms they’re already using.

Source Group Helps You Succeed

Robust Marketing

We offer both print solutions and digital efforts, giving you a full-featured marketing campaign. With Source Group, you know that every one of your bases is covered and that you’re not losing out on important traffic to your trade show booth or to your company website.

Custom Campaigns

No two businesses are alike, and no two marketing campaigns are alike either. With Source Group, we help you take your business to the next level by offering customized campaigns that are tailored to your unique business needs and key performance indicators.

Powerful Connections

We’ve helped thousands of businesses around the country create successful marketing campaigns. Because of our incredible network of connections, we’ve been able to develop marketing strategies that truly connect you with hundreds of customers and which draw in the audience that you’re targeting.

What Sets Source Group Apart

Trade Show Marketing and Attendee Engagement is what we do. We tell your story to the right people, at the right place, at the right time using a multimedia approach. This ensures that you will maximize both reach and frequency, generating a higher ROI.

Data-Driven Marketing

Everything we do is grounded in data and experience, whether it’s creating an ad, planning an event publication, or creating an online campaign. With us, you know that you’re receiving marketing efforts that are founded in fact, not guesswork.

Versatile Offerings

Part of what makes us successful is that we don’t limit ourselves to one channel. We help you through both online and offline marketing efforts to help you create a robust marketing campaign.

A Customer Focus

Our team is here to help you whenever you need us. We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to each one of our clients and helping them when they need us. Watch as our customer focus shines through in all that we do.

Committed To Privacy

When we market your business, you know that you can trust us to protect your data and your sensitive information while still getting you the results that you need.

Ready To Get To Work?

Our dedication to your success is the reason why Source Group has become one of the largest and most successful trade show companies in the U.S.

We have our finger on the pulse of the trade show marketing industry – emerging trends, new product launches, technological innovations, the appointment of new leadership, and a sneak peek into what industry advancements are expected to hit the market next year.

Partner with us and let’s take your business to the next level.

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