Email MarketingTo have the best possible business, it’s imperative that you have an approach to online marketing that’s multi-channeled and engaging. Email marketing and social media are two major ways to secure new customers and grow your brand. But how are they related?

You might be surprised to learn that one without the other renders an organization with little online presence and fewer customers. To have a leg up from your competitors, learn how to leverage the synergy between email marketing and social media marketing.

Keep reading for tips on how to maximize your company’s potential for online marketing.

Email Marketing 101

It’s time to start cracking down on your company’s email marketing to better leverage new customer potential. Follow these steps to get your email marketing on track so you can begin to explore the synergies between it and social media.

1. Start Building Your List

Your email campaigns are only going to succeed if you have subscribers who are interested in opening your content. Do everything you can to secure new email addresses. Try a popup on your site, right when potential customers arrive. Offer a discount if they subscribe.

Offer a quiz on your site that gives your potential customer the information they need to start using your service. It’s highly customized for them and you can collect an email address at the end.

For in-person events, offer giveaways or a free e-book to new email list subscribers. Move on from collecting business cards in a bowl and use a tablet to capture email addresses without any misspellings.

2. Plan Your Content

Use a dedicated team to build out months’ worth of content and then adjust each newsletter or marketing email to be relevant to current events. Be sure to vary the content and don’t always push a sale or purchase to subscribers or you’ll see unsubscribes skyrocket.

Consumers like branding that isn’t clunky and matches your site. Pro tip: Integrate links to your site’s blog or products to increase your search engine optimization and boost reputability online.

Email marketing is special because you have an interested audience engaged for a few seconds before they move to something else. Be sure you have top-notch information to share and keep them scrolling.

3. Press Send and Analyze

Once you have the basics down for your email marketing strategies, start watching your audience’s response to your content. Are they forwarding to a friend? Add a button to the footer of each email to make it easier and give you another email address.

Are there tons of unsubscribes? Categorize the type of content that was a turn-off and don’t repeat it. Watching your audience and learning from the data is the best way to make informed decisions moving forward on your marketing strategy.

Not sure how to run your own A/B test or feel lost trying to secure new subscribers? See if email marketing services could work for your brand. You might even want to invest in email marketing software to enhance your impact.

Social Media Marketing 101

Now that you’ve mastered a solid email following, it’s time to dive into the world of social media. There are billions of social media users who are constantly overwhelmed by brands doing the same pitch over and over.

To give some perspective, Facebook is used at least once a day by three-quarters of its users and roughly the same percentage of users go on Instagram multiple times per day.

Here’s how to keep your content fresh. If you feel your team could use some help, try out a social media management service to get your content in shape and at its highest performance levels.

1. Know Each Platform

Get to know your audience on each platform so you can effectively market to them. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Pinterest: Great for product placement
  • Twitter: Use for interacting with customers directly and posting updates that followers would retweet to share with their friends.
  • Facebook Advertising: Perfect for targeted ads based on location, age, demographics
  • Instagram: Perfect for using hashtags and ads to display a product in use

2. Add Your Social Buttons

Your posts will only gain traction if people are following you. Use social buttons on everything you do: print or digital. On physical marketing materials, customers will need to see your handles too, but online they can be clickable.

Integrate your social buttons into your emails and website to see a higher page view.

Double the Impact: Email and Social Media Marketing Together

Now that each individual marketing strategy is set up, start to think about ways to integrate them. How can you follow up with email subscribers on social media? Start taking notes, because here are 5 ways to maximize the synergy of email and social media marketing.

1. Introduce Your Email Subscribers to Social

It may seem simple, but announcing a new social media platform that your company has spent time on is a great way to get people involved in your content. Launch your social media account like you would a new product and keep it on brand.

2. Email Subscription Links

Plant information promoting your email list everywhere you can. Use your Instagram Bio and Facebook page to make it easy for customers to sign up.

3. Repurpose Imagery

Consumers who visit your site and then move away may never think of your product or service again. Use Facebook ads to use similar content that catches their eye and reminds them why they liked your product in the first place.

Use the same models, color palette, or text and change just a couple of features to keep content fresh but on-brand.

4. Utilize Exclusive Offers

We all want what we don’t have, right? Post on your Twitter feed an exclusive discount that email subscribers receive, and you’ll get tons of new email addresses. Do the reverse, and your social media following will grow exponentially.

Be sure to space these campaigns out so customers don’t feel like anything other than special to you.

5. Use Marketing Tools

You can upload your email subscriber list to Facebook and then run targeted ads to that group to have them start following your brand. This will also teach you a ton about the faces behind the emails and inform the future of your content.

Get To It!

With these skills in your toolbelt, you’ll be able to master the synergies of email marketing and social media in no time.

Get a free website audit to set a strong foundation for all your marketing plans. Our services can manage all of your email content, web blogging, content, and more to maximize your online presence and draw in new customers. Let’s get to it!