Writing an Article for a Trade Show

The trade show has the potential to be a profitable and fruitful venture for many companies that exhibit. Many companies advertise in news dailies that are specifically targeted to the particular trade shows they are exhibiting in. In these dailies, companies showcase their exhibits and products in visual advertisements and have an accompanying article as well.

While the ad speaks for itself, the article needs some work as it is your chance to promote your company by going into detail that you might not get to do with your ad. Inversely, you can make the article completely different from the ad, thereby diversifying your advertisement strategy. No matter what the strategy (whether it be an accompaniment to the ad or promoting something else entirely) there are key points to touch on when writing an article.

Although it seems like the obvious point, and maybe because it’s too obvious that it is often overlooked, many companies forget to put the booth number in their article. This is the most important detail to put in your article so be sure to put your booth number somewhere in the story. One tip to keep in mind is to mention the booth multiple times in the article, once in the beginning, one in the middle, and in the conclusion to make sure people remember what booth you are in.

Another point to make while writing your article is to make potential clients excited about your product or service. You are there at the trade show to unveil a product, or showcase your merchandise; you want clients to be as excited about this as you are. Use captivating language and fascinating images (as most articles are allowed one or two photos) to illustrate why your service or product is a cut above the rest.

When describing your product or service, be sure to sprinkle in quotes from people within the company. Having a CEO or Director lend their knowledge about the company’s products, design aspects, new features, etc. adds insight and reliability. Readers will then feel more compelled to learn about your latest developments from the people who had a hand in the design and planning of these products.

If you plan to have promotions or giveaways at your booth, be sure to mention that as well. Even if it is something simple like free refreshments or a raffle, you will get more traffic at your booth if you mention that something will be offered. The more people that come to your booth, the more chances you will have to strike up business with them, simple as that.

Lastly, provide contact information near the end of the article. A contact name, an email, phone number, and fax number are important details to consider placing in the article. That way potential clients who missed your seminar, speech, or exhibit, can reach out for further information. Also, most publications are also put online so if someone is reading the article pre or post-show, they have the opportunity to reach out if they have any questions.