email marketing strategyThere’s a reason why email marketing is so popular: 4.3 billion people use email. This number is expected to grow to 4.48 billion people in 2024. Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy and should be a vital part of your trade show planning process. In fact, you should have an email marketing strategy for before, during, and after the show. When contacting attendees throughout the trade show marketing cycle, it’s essential to keep an open line of communication. You should also reinforce engagement through multiple touch-points. It’s not enough to make the connection with attendees and prospects, you must keep in touch to nurture the relationships you’ve built. Email marketing allows you to do this almost effortlessly.

Keep reading to learn just how email marketing can take your trade show marketing efforts to the next level.

Before the Trade Show

The weeks leading up to a trade show are essential for motivating potential attendees to check out your booth. You want visitors to anticipate connecting with you to learn more about your products and services long before the show opens, and email marketing can help you achieve just that.

Give attendees a reason to visit your booth at the trade show by including:

When writing pre-show emails, you should include your location and booth number so attendees can find you more easily. Also, share resources, blog posts, and social media profiles to highlight your brand. The more they recognize you when they get there, the higher the chances are that they’ll convert.

During the Trade Show

Yes, you should send marketing emails during the show, no matter how many you sent leading up to it. Your in-event email should serve the purpose of driving traffic to your booth. In your emails, remind attendees which incentives they’ll receive at your booth. Plus, any emails they receive from you keeps your brand on their mind.

After the Trade Show

Once it’s time for everyone to go home, it’s not time to stop sending emails. It’s time to use email marketing software to follow up with attendees who engaged with you at the show. Strategically tailor your emails to nurture leads based on buyer personas and their specific interests. The key to capturing your audience’s attention is personalizing the emails you send. Many email marketing tools allow you to automate personalization, so it’s only one extra step when setting up your email. This extra step can boost the likelihood that the prospect will convert. Finally, include messaging to those who expressed interest in your company before the show but couldn’t make it.

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