Written by Anna Fitzgerald

Page speed has been a ranking factor for Google since 2010 for desktop and 2018 for mobile. It also affects how long users spend on your site, whether they convert, and how they perceive your brand.

In short, the speed of your website has a major impact on your search engine rankings and visitors’ experience.

To optimize your load time, you need to carefully select your WordPress theme. The right theme will be coded to the highest standards, lightweight, and SEO-friendly.

To help you make this decision, we’ve collected some of the fastest loading WordPress themes available in the WordPress directory and third-party marketplaces.

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How fast should a website load?

According to a study by Portent, the ideal load time for conversions is between 0 and 4 seconds.

But the general rule of thumb is that a website should load as fast as possible. The exact time will vary depending on the type of website, its business niche, and its key performance metrics.

There are many factors that affect a website’s load time. These include:

  • How many images, videos, and other media files are on the page
  • The size of those images, videos, and other media files
  • Your site’s coding and server-side scripts
  • Whether you use a CDN service
  • What plugins are installed on your site
  • What theme is installed on your site

To understand this last factor, let’s look at what makes a WordPress theme fast.

What makes a WordPress theme fast?

There are several ways that a WordPress theme can be optimized for speed. Let’s take a look at a few of these factors below.

Responsive design

Most themes have a responsive design, which is essential for offering a fast mobile experience. Since responsive design dynamically loads your website based on the screen size of the visitor, you don’t need a separate version of your mobile site. That means Google’s crawler only has to go through your site once. If you have a separate version of your mobile site, all the assets on your website will have to be duplicated to the mobile version — which can add up in terms of bandwidth and maintenance.

Since it only requires one set of code, responsive design is a recommended design pattern by Google.


Themes that are packed with high-quality images and effects can be heavy. High-quality images often means huge file sizes and animations and effects can require a lot of code, both of which slow your page performance.

Simple themes with only the most necessary features will be lighter in weight and help ensure your site loads quickly. You can always add more design elements and effects later using plugins or custom CSS.

Asynchronous or Deferred Loading of CSS and JavaScript

While CSS and JavaScript files can slow down a website, every theme needs some of this code. CSS and JS is what makes a web page pretty and interactive.

There are two ways these scripts can load: synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronously means that the files load one at a time, in the order in which they appear on the web page.So if the browser encounters a script, it will stop loading other elements on the page until that script has been fully loaded.

Asynchronous loading, on the other hand, enables multiple files to load at the same time, which can speed up the web page’s performance.

Some themes are designed to load asynchronously, or defer loading of these scripts until necessary. These themes will be faster than those that use synchronous loading by default.

GZIP Compression

Compression is the process of reducing file sizes in order to make it faster for servers to transfer files to browsers. The less data there is to send, the faster the page loads in your browser.

GZIP is the most popular compression method today because it can reduce the amount of data up to 70% — and in less time and using fewer resources than other methods.

Themes that compress components with GZIP will be generally faster than themes that don’t.

You can learn more about this compression method in How to Enable GZIP Compression for Faster Web Pages.

Reduced HTTP Requests

Every HTTP request — for images, stylesheets, scripts, and fonts — adds to your site’s overall load time. As your site grows, these HTTP requests start to add up and eventually create a noticeable delay between what the user clicks on and when it loads.

Both the number of files being requested and the size of the files being transferred can affect how long a page may take to load.

Themes with fewer and lighter files will make less HTTP requests and therefore load faster. The best way to figure out how many HTTP requests a theme makes is to run it through a speed testing tool. We’ll discuss how to use these below.

How to Check My WordPress Theme’s Loading Speed

There are several online tools you can use to check your WordPress theme’s loading speed. Some of the most popular are WebPageTestGTmetrix, and Pingdom. You should test using a combination of tools since they test for different things and have different servers, which can affect the results.

These tools will analyze the content of a web page and generate performance results and suggestions to make that page faster. The performance results shared will vary by tool, but most will include load time, page size, and number of server requests required to load the content on the page.

If you already have a WordPress website with an active theme installed, then you can simply enter the URL of your site into a speed testing tool. If you don’t have a site and are still looking at themes, then you can test the speed of the demo version of the theme.

Let’s walk through the process of checking your WordPress theme’s loading speed using WebPageTest. The steps will be nearly identical if you’re using GTmetrix or Pingdom instead.

Step 1: Enter the URL of the website you want to test.

Enter website URL into WebPageTest tool to check WordPress themes loading speed

Step 2: Select the nearest test location that supports the device and/or browser you’re testing.

Step 3: Select the browser you’re testing.

Step 4: Click the Start Test button.

Step 5: Wait for the performance test to process.

Wait for WebPageTest test to process to check your WordPress themes loading speed

Step 6: View results. Pay particular attention to the “Fully loaded” metrics. These will tell you how many seconds it took to fully load the page and how many individual requests were made to load the page.

Results of WordPress theme demo in WebPageTest tool

You can take a look at WebPageTest’s documentation for more information about their metrics and testing.

Fastest Loading WordPress Themes

The themes described below can help you create a fast and custom WordPress website, no matter what technical experience, budget, or business goals you have.

Pro tip: Each theme is compatible with the HubSpot WordPress plugin, which allows you to use HubSpot email marketing, CRM, forms, popups, and live chat on your WordPress website.

Note that load time data is included for each theme. This data was gathered by running the demo site of each theme through the WebPageTest, GTmetrix, and Pingdom tools. The values listed are the fully loaded results for each tool. The HTTP requests are also listed for each theme. These were measured by GTmetrix.

1. SociallyViral

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.330 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 917ms

Pingom Load Time: 318ms

HTTP Requests: 37

Layout 1 demo of SociallyViral WordPress theme

Image Source

SociallyViral is a magazine-style theme specifically designed for users looking to create a viral content site on WordPress. So if you have lots of engaging content and want an appealing and well-organized design that appeals to a large audience, then this is the theme for you.

In addition to attracting viral traffic, SociallyViral is incredibly fast loading so your content can have a better chance of ranking in search engines. Although it has a higher total page size than many themes on this list, it hides most of the content behind a Load More button.  Because load buttons require less content to appear upfront to the user, the web page is generated much more quickly than it would if using infinite scroll or pagination.

2. GeneratePress

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.435 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 658ms

Pingom Load Time: 407ms

HTTP Requests: 14

Demo of fast WordPress theme GeneratePress-1

Image Source

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme built with speed and user experience as its top priorities. It has a free and premium version, which you can see on the website’s homepage above.

Designed with the latest WordPress coding standards, including swapping out jQuery in favor of vanilla JavaScript, GeneratePress offers many advantages. First, it’s compatible with most WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce. It’s also incredibly lightweight. In fact, a default install with this theme is less than 30KB. And it integrates well with other tools from your tech stack.

3. Schema

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.534 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 5.7 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 472ms

HTTP Requests: 38

Default demo of fast WordPress theme Schema

Image Source

Schema is known for its quick loading time. Designed to be “the” fastest loading WordPress theme, Schema is a clean and professional WordPress design that makes few HTTP requests, defers loading JavaScript, and features few elements on the page.

It comes with a fully responsive layout that will make your site look great even on small screen devices. Among its best features are a related posts widget, ready-to-use icon fonts, Google Fonts, social media integration, and more.

Above is Schema’s default demo that displays many of the features mentioned.

4. Parallax Pro

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.537 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 3.9 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 512ms

HTTP Requests: 36

Demo of fast WordPress theme Parallax Pro-min

Image Source

Parallax Pro is beautiful package of templates specifically built for the Genesis framework.

As the name suggests, Parallax Pro comes with a stunning parallax effect to add depth to your website. The layout also clearly divides the page into sections so you can organize large volumes of content. This vertical design encourages readers to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the call-to-action button.

Parallax Pro is blazing fast because it uses GZIP compression to compress images and other components and defers loading JavaScript. This makes it lightweight and require few HTTP requests.

5. Blocksy

WebpageTest Load Time: 1.699 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.5 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.27 seconds

HTTP Requests: 48

Product Reviews demo of Blocksy, one of the fastest WordPress themes

Image Source

Lighter and faster than most WordPress themes, Blocksy is a free theme with a minimalist design. In addition to having a clean codebase, Blocksy has other features to speed up its load time, like code splitting. (Basically, that means the theme only loads JavaScript when it needs it.)

In addition to offering lightning fast speed, Blocky comes with seven starter sites that are tailored toward different niches, including product review sites, apps, ecommerce stores, and blogs. Each starter site has a clean design that’s highly customizable.

6. Best

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.810 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.3 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 748ms

HTTP Requests: 53

Default demo of fast WordPress theme Best

Image Source

Best is another fast loading and customizable theme by MyThemeShop. It loads quickly because its incredibly lightweight, features few DOM elements on page, defers loading JavaScript, and has a cacheable favicon.

Optimized for both search engines and advertisers, Best has a clean codebase and fully responsive and fluid design that works perfectly with Google AdSense. It also includes AJAX loading, SEO-friendly rich snippets, and retina ready icons, among other important features.

To help you customize the appearance of your site, Best offers unlimited colors, backgrounds, and sidebars, Google Fonts.

7. MagXP

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.834 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.1 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 513ms

HTTP Requests: 61

Demo of fast WordPress theme MagXP

Image Source

Even a newbie blogger can create a truly unique website using the MagXp WordPress theme.

It includes over 10 ready-to-use homepage designs and a drag-and-drop page builder so you can build a website in no time. It also offers unlimited color options, sidebar options, pre-defined layout possibilities, over 630 Google fonts, and much more.

In terms of SEO, MagXP is fully responsive and coded with HTML5 and CSS to load quickly and display optimally on all devices. It also has a fluid design, multiple pagination options, and an off-canvas mobile menu. These features — combined with its lower number of DOM elements on page and deferred loading of JavaScript — makes the page load quickly.

8. Writee

WebpageTest Load Time: 1.876 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.1 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 837ms

HTTP Requests: 19

Writee Tyopgraphy demo with a right sidebar and social media icons

Image Source

Available in a free and premium version, Writee is one of the fastest loading themes for blogging. Writee loads so quickly because its lightweight, defers loading JavaScript, and has a cacheable favicon, among other reasons.

There’s built-in pagination options, social media sharing icons, and a related posts widget to make your site easier to navigate. You can also easily upload and customize a favicon and logo, enable or disable breadcrumbs, and choose from a range of sidebar options. There’s even more features available with Writee Pro.

9. Genesis Framework Package

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 1.925 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.2 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 567ms

HTTP Requests: 37

fast loading Sample demo of Gensis Framework Theme

Image Source 

Genesis is one of the most widely-used WordPress theme frameworks by business owners and bloggers. If you are looking to build a fast and SEO-optimized child theme on a secure framework, then try this framework. Or you can use any of the dozens of existing free Genesis child themes.

Genesis is fast loading because of its light page size, but could be better optimized for speed so it made fewer HTTP requests. GZIP compression would also help.

10. Divi Theme

WebpageTest Load Time: 2.214 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.9 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 3.86 seconds

HTTP Requests: 37

Internet service provider homepage demo available with fast WordPress theme Divi

Image Source

Divi is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress themes. Known for its versatile and feature-rich design, the Divi theme comes with its own page builder. This front-end builder is extremely powerful and offers a number of modules that can be used to customize your site without coding.

Despite having a robust amount of features and design options, Divi maintains its simplicity and quick loading time.

11. Zakara

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 2.403 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.2 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 716ms

HTTP Requests: 24

Agency demo of the fast WordPress theme Zakra

Image Source

Zakra is a fast-loading WordPress theme that can be used to build any type of website — on any type of budget. Like GeneratePress, Zakra offers a free and premium version.

Built on a lightweight framework following the coding standards set by AMP technology, Zakra loads fast on desktop and mobile devices. It also defers loading of JavaScript, reduces the number of elements on page, and makes few HTTP requests.

It also comes with over 65 pre-designed demos for a range of niches, including blog, businesses, ecommerce, and nonprofit.

12. Newspaper

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 2.610 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.3 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 657ms

HTTP Requests: 36

Default demo of fast WordPress theme Newspaper Pro

Image Source

Designed with the recommended coding standards, compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin, and supporting Google Structured data and Schema markup, Newspaper is an optimized theme for search engines and speed.

Newspaper loads so quickly because it’s light in page size, makes few HTTP requests, defers loading JavaScript, and has a cacheable favicon, among other reasons.

This theme has 90 ready-to-use demos that you can import with just one click. The built-in tagDiv Composer, header builder, footer manager, and advanced theme options panel with over 1,000 design elements will allow you to customize everything on your site in minutes.

13. SocialNow

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 2.638 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.6 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 747ms

HTTP Requests: 51

Demo of fast WordPress theme SocialNow-1

Image Source

SocialNow is a great design for blogs and online magazines. It loads fast thanks to its reduced number of DOM elements on page, deferred loading of JavaScript, and cacheable favicon.

In addition to being optimized for speed, this theme is optimized for search engines and social media sites to help boost your traffic.

Social Now comes with a few ready-to-use demos that you can import with just one-click. It also offers three different innovative slider options, an author profile, related posts option, discussion page, and two stunning layouts.

Using its advanced theme options panel, you can customize your site with unlimited color options, unlimited sidebar and background options, Google Fonts, Icon Fonts, fluid responsive designs, off-canvas mobile menus, mega menu compatibility, and a parallax scrolling feature.

14. SEO WP

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 2.984 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 4.2 seconds

Pingom Load Time:  1.27 seconds

HTTP Requests: 93

Demo of fast WordPress theme SEO WP

Image Source

Compliant with the latest WordPress code standards, SEOWP defers loading of JavaScript and reduces the number of elements on page. As a result, it’s a lightweight and SEO-friendly choice for any business. It particularly appeals to digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and consultants.

SEOWP comes with 32 page templates and a robust range of design options, including unlimited header styles, a feature-rich mega menu, advanced social sharing options, a drag-and-drop footer builder, and over 90 premium illustrations. In addition to these design tools and features, there’s also an estimations form builder for quickly adding estimation forms to your site as well as discount coupons, pricing proposals, and more.

15. Mesmerize

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.060 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 5.5 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 903ms

HTTP Requests: 49

Pets demo of fast WordPress theme Mesmerize Pro

Image Source

Mesmerize is a WordPress theme designed for speed and flexibility. It defers loading JavaScript and has few elements on the page, although it is heavy because of unoptimized images. But you can swap these demo images out to reduce your page weight and speed up your site.

With a responsive and mobile-friendly design, this theme looks and loads great on any device. It’s also highly customizable thanks to the built-in WordPress Customizer. You can import any of the 18 pre-designed demo sites in one click (including the Pet demo shown above). Then simply click any element — whether it’s text, a button, image, or icon — and edit its properties in the Customizer. You can also add pre-styled content sections for teams, testimonials, contact forms, or projects and edit those.

Mesmerize offers a premium version, and a more limited free version.

16. Simple

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.334 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.1 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 630ms

HTTP Requests: 54

Demo of Simple, one of the fastest WordPress themes

Image Source

Simple is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes — and the best-selling theme by Nimbus Themes.

Thanks to its clean and responsive design, Simple will make your business site look and load great on any device. To best showcase your content and images, you can choose from multiple homepage layouts including a layout with a sticky navigation menu, an image slider, or a banner with a parallax effect.

Because it defers loading JavaScript and has a relatively low page weight, Simple is fast-loading. But it could be faster if it used GZIP compression and made fewer HTTP requests.

17. Brando

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.400 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.9 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 578ms

HTTP Requests: 24

Event demo of fast WordPress theme Brando

Image Source

Brando is a fast multipurpose WordPress theme that’s ideal for creative portfolios and business sites.

Built on the Bootstrap framework and coded with HTML5 and CSS3, Brando is designed to make your site lightweight and fast loading. It makes few HTTP requests, features less elements on the page to reduce the number of bytes to download, and defers loading JavaScript. It could be faster if it used GZIP compression.

You’ll also get ready-to-use demo designs and the nd premium drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin.

Take a look at Brando’s Event demo above.

18. Yosemite

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.500 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 7.5 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.23 seconds

HTTP Requests: 178

Demo with sidebar of fast WordPress theme YosemiteImage Source

Yosemite is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes created by MyThemeShop. Its clean and minimal design make Yosemite perfect for any personal blog.

Though it’s minimalist, Yosemite does offer tons of modern features like any theme in MyThemeShop. You get unlimited color and background options, a powerful theme options panel, a number of useful shortcodes, integrated social media, AdSense-optimized ad placements, parallax scrolling features, Google fonts, and more.

To load quickly, Yosemite uses GZIP compression and avoids URL redirects, which send browsers to another location and delay loading. But its total page size is large and it makes lots of HTTP requests, which slows down page performance.

19. HireBee

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.555 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.8 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.08 seconds

HTTP Requests: 40

Demo of fast WordPress theme Hirebee

Image Source

HireBee is ideal for creating a freelance services marketplace like Upwork and Fiverr.

This fast WordPress theme is built on the responsive framework Foundation. It’s relatively lightweight and makes few HTTP requests, but it could be faster if it used GZIP compression and avoided URL redirects.

With this theme, you can easily monetize the site by charging your users for project transactions. You’ll also get front-end project listings, freelancer listings, a user profile dashboard, discussion interface, and more.

20. Bimber

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.564 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.8 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.38 seconds

HTTP Requests: 34

Main demo of fast WordPress theme Bimber

Image Source

Bimber is a trendy WordPress theme with an ideal design for online magazines and other content-rich sites.

Bimber comes with 20 ready-to-use demos to choose from. All of these designs are perfect for organizing large amounts of content and drawing in visitors. Since this theme comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin, you can create a custom design for your site quickly without any coding.

The theme is well-optimized for mobile devices, quick, and SEO friendly so that your content gets a better ranking in Google search results. Bimber loads quickly because it has a light page size, defers loading JavaScript, and makes few HTTP requests.

21. MoneyFlow

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.618 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.1 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 599ms

HTTP Requests: 59

MoneyFlow default demo with grid layout and sidebar

Image Source

Because it defers loading JavaScript, has a cacheable favicon, makes few HTTP requests, and has less elements on page, MoneyFlow is fast loading.

MoneyFlow is ideal for bloggers looking to make money from blogging. A beautiful and fully customizable theme, MoneyFlow offers a featured posts section and multiple homepage designs that you can set up instantly.

With the MoneyFlow theme, you can enable or disable the slider feature in the theme options panel and use the parallax scrolling feature to keep users engaged with your content. You also get an off-canvas mobile menu, Font Icons, Google Fonts, and unlimited color backgrounds as well as sidebar options.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can monetize your blog with ads and an online store using AdSense and WooCommerce.

22. MyBlog

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.781 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 4.0 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.00 seconds

HTTP Requests: 66

Demo of fast WordPress theme MyBlog

Image Source

It’s important for blogs to load quickly because it will improve your chances of getting ranked in search and providing your visitors a seamless experience. If you’re looking for a stunning SEO-optimized design for your blog, try MyBlog.

The MyBlog theme comes with eight customizable demo designs, integrated social sharing options, related post options, a beautiful post slider feature, author bio box, and comment section. It also has a one-click demo installation and one-click update option to save you time.

23. Avada

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.865 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.3 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.36 seconds

HTTP Requests: 54

SEO demo of fast WordPress theme Avada

Image Source

Avada comes with a powerful drag-and-drop website builder that will allow you to create a completely custom site without writing any code.

The Avada theme also comes with a number of ready-to-use designs, unlimited color and design options, and built-in mega menu option that you can customize using the powerful theme options panel. Avada also comes with a number of free premium plugins you can use to customize your site further.

Shown above, AvadaSEO is just one of the hundreds of demo sites available. Deferred loading of JavaScript helps speed this demo site up.

24. Neve

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.946 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 3.2 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.29 seconds

HTTP Requests: 80

Pet Shop demo built with fast loading Neve WordPress theme

Image Source

Neve is a fast and lightweight theme designed by developers at Themeisle. While a default WordPress install is less than 28KB and loads in under a second, a more complicated website with images, texts, and animation effects built on Neve will still run fast.

25. SocialMe

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 3.994 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 4.5 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 660ms

HTTP Requests: 60

Default demo of fast WordPress theme SocialMe

Image Source

SocialMe is a lightweight, modern theme that’s ideal for creating shareable content for social media.

SocialMe comes with four demo design options you can import with just one click. With this theme, you get access to 16 custom widgets, an author box, unlimited color options, background options, Google Fonts, social media integration, an off-canvas mobile menu, a parallax scrolling effect, and a built-in ad management option.

26. TheGem

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 4.010 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.7 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.55 seconds

HTTP Requests: 99

Creative agency one-page demo site available with fast WordPress theme TheGem

Image Source

If you are looking for a powerful, multipurpose WordPress theme that loads quickly, TheGem is a great option. This is one of the top-selling multipurpose WordPress themes that can be used to create any type of site.

With this theme, you get access to over 400 design templates. You can choose any of these designs and import them with just one click. To customize them, you get the Visual Composer plugin built in, over 150 modern page design options, and over 250 stunning styling elements. That means you won’t have to code to create a truly unique site.

This is a fully responsive and retina ready WordPress theme which will make your site look great no matter where you view it. The theme loads quickly and is created with a clean SEO friendly code so that your content gets an edge over your competitors.

It could be faster if it used GZIP compression and made fewer HTTP requests.

27. Coupon

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 4.307 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 1.0 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 479ms

HTTP Requests: 44

Demo of the fast WordPress theme Coupon

Image Source

With the Coupon WordPress theme, you can create and customize a fast-loading coupon site that will generate revenue.

Coupon is a fully responsive theme that offers a number of demo design options you can choose from to get started with instantly. Then, you can add coupon sliders and carousels and choose from unlimited color options, background options, and font options to style your site.

To load quickly, Coupon defers loading JavaScript, features few elements on page, makes few HTTP requests, and has a cacheable favicon.

28. NewsPaper

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 4.311 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.0 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 849ms

HTTP Requests: 64

Default demo of fast WordPress themeNewsPaper

Image Source

NewsPaper is a fast-loading WordPress theme that comes with an SEO-friendly layout and powerful theme options panel to help you customize your site exactly how you want.

You can use the theme panel to set up everything, from the layout to your logo. It comes with a section for featured posts, unlimited color options, and unlimited backgrounds as well as sidebar options. It also comes with hundreds of Google Fonts that you can easily set up to select a unique typography for your site.

While NewsPaper does feature few DOM elements on page and defers loading JavaScript, it could be faster if it made fewer HTTP requests.

29. Olsen

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 5.787 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 7.1 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.03 seconds

HTTP Requests: 101

Demo of fast WordPress theme Olsen

Image Source

If you’re looking for a clean and minimalist design for your lifestyle or fashion blog, Olsen is ideal. It comes with a range of homepage layout options, a classic blog layout, and a grid-based design that’s perfect for organizing content and images.

This theme is SEO-friendly, fully responsive, and comes with demo content that you can install with one click. When installed, Olsen will add more than 80 customization options to the default WordPress customizer.

Lots of JavaScript and heavy image files make this theme beautiful and engaging, but slow down its performance.

30. MH Magazine

WebpageTest Fully Loaded Time: 6.876 seconds

GTmetrix Load Time: 2.6 seconds

Pingom Load Time: 1.33 seconds

HTTP Requests: 70

Demo with sidebar of fast WordPress theme MH Magazine

Image Source

MH Magazine is a fast loading WordPress theme that can be used for dynamic news websites and modern online magazines. This fully responsive WordPress theme is optimized for mobile devices and has a clean codebase. It also defers loading of JavaScript and uses GZIP compression — however, it’s very heavy because of all the image files it uses.

This popular theme is ideal for organizing a lot of content while maintaining good performance. This flexible MH Magazine WordPress theme is translation ready, supports social media integrations via widgets and sharing buttons, and comes with several useful and flexible custom widgets to create professional magazine-like front pages with just a few clicks in your WordPress dashboard.

Fast Loading WordPress Themes Ranked

In addition to design, functionality, price, and template selection, load time is an important factor to consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

To make the selection process easier for you, we’ve summarized the scores of the fastest loading WordPress themes in the table below.

SociallyViral 1.330s 917ms 318ms 37
GeneratePress 1.435s 658ms 407ms 14
Schema 1.534s 5.7s 472ms 38
Parallax Pro 1.537s 1.2s 512ms 36
Blocksy 1.699s 1.5s 1.27s 48
Best 1.810s 1.3s 748ms 53
MagXP 1.834s 1.1s 513ms 61
Writee 1.876s 1.1s 837ms 19
Genesis 1.925s 1.2s 567ms 37
Divi 2.214s 1.9s 3.86s 37
Zakara 2.403s 1.2s 716ms 24
Newspaper 2.610s 1.3s 657ms 36
SocialNow 2.638s 1.6s 747ms 51
SEO WP 2.984s 4.2s 1.27s 93
Mesmerize 3.060s 5.5s 903ms 49
Simple 3.334s 2.1s 630ms 54
Brando 3.400s 1.9s 578ms 24
Yosemite 3.500s 7.5s 1.23s 178
HireBee 3.555s 1.8s 1.08s 40
Bimber 3.564s 2.8s 1.38s 34
MoneyFlow 3.618s 1.1s 599ms 59
MyBlog 3.781s 4.0s 1.00s 66
Avada 3.865s 2.3s 1.36s 54
Neve 3.964s 3.2s 1.29s 80
SocialMe 3.994s 4.5s 660ms 60
TheGem 4.010s 2.7s 1.55s 99
Coupon 4.307s 1.0s 479ms 44
NewsPaper 4.311s 2.0s 849ms 64
Olsen 5.787s 7.1s 1.03s 101
MH  Magazine 6.876s 2.6s 1.33s 70

Selecting a Fast Loading WordPress Theme

A fast-loading WordPress theme can help you build a fast website that delights your visitors and improves your chances of ranking. By starting with a clean codebase and only using the elements you need, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.