In today’s society social media is king. With seven-in-ten American adults using social media there is a good chance that someone will see your post. From there you need to make sure that you catch their attention long enough for them to interact with your content. Creating engaging posts is an important piece to the marketing puzzle. Your product and your brand shouldn’t get lost in the mix of every other post out there, so how do you make that post catch their eye? How do you get them to engage with your post and want to see more? Read on to find out!


Make it Relevant:

It can be very difficult to stand out amongst all of the other content on social media. Making sure your content is relevant to your brand is the most important part of getting your post noticed. Getting your post noticed leads to followers engaging with your post. If you’re a company that specializes in medical equipment it would not make much sense for you to post about makeup and vice versa. Posting about upcoming events related to your field and new products that are available is going to gain consumer’s attention.

Another fun way to make your content relevant is by posting about a holiday or a local event that is happening. Look for fun and quirky holidays relating to your brand and include that as a post for that week. Is it National Coffee Day? Take Your Capybara to Work Day? Create a post related to the “holiday” and have fun with it!

Make it Interactive:

Polls, contests, and questions to get the comment section buzzing are all great ways to make people engage with your posts. Think about how often you see polls on social media when you’re scrolling through the pages. Do you typically stop to look at the post and choose an option? The answer is most likely yes. People enjoy being a part of the conversation. When they feel as though their input matters they will engage. Audiences also enjoy seeing how their answers stacked up to everyone else’s. Encourage people to discuss the reason behind their choices in the comment section. This can create engagement and oftentimes leaves the audience remembering their discussion around your brand.

Hosting contests is also a great way to get people to interact with your post. Have a giveaway of your product or something related to your company. Having people tag their friends in order to enter the giveaway or post in the comments about whatever the topic may be will boost engagement. Another idea is to have a contest based on answering trivia questions for a week. Each day, choose the winner based on whomever answered the question correctly first. This will keep followers coming back each day to play more trivia to potentially win prizes and also boost your engagement on your posts. On a very important note, make sure to check out the contest guidelines for each social media platform before hosting a contest!

Another way to get engagement on your posts is to ask questions. Ask your followers something that will get them chatting in the comments section. If you are a company that deals with vehicles ask your followers what their first vehicle was or what their dream vehicle is. Make sure to keep the questions relevant to your brand and find a way to relate the question back to the product you are selling or the company you are with. This will also encourage followers to reply to fellow posters and keep them coming back to the comments section.

Add Interesting Facts:

Trying to break up the monotony of social media posts can be difficult. You don’t want to sound like a broken record and you want to make sure that you grab your followers’ attention. Adding interesting facts can spice up your posts! Search for interesting facts based about your brand and sprinkle them throughout your posts. If there is a specific holiday that you are posting about, you can add a fact about that holiday to your post. This can get a follower to start engaging with your posts. If they like the fact you added they might like the post which adds to your engagement.

Interesting facts grab a follower’s attention and get them thinking about your brand. If they learned something new because of your post, that may incline them to check your social media more often and may even make it so they think of your brand when they share that fact with someone.


Add Pictures:

When it comes to social media, no one likes to see a huge chunk of text with nothing more. Usually, someone won’t even read the post if it’s longer than a paragraph. A better way to be engaging is with visuals. Have a picture or a specialized graphic to go with the post. Make the pictures relevant and engaging. If you are creating your own graphic make sure that the graphic has pops of color and a few photos. If the post is visually appealing, more people will want to engage with it. A good rule is to have no more than three different colors and have less than three different styles of fonts in your graphic.

When using photos in your post, include only good quality photos. No one wants to see a blurry image while scrolling through social media. Having a low quality image can also make your company look unprofessional, so make sure that when you are including photos you use only high resolution ones. The same can be said for when you are using stock photos. Make sure that the stock photo you are using looks high quality and relevant to your brand. Don’t post a photo of a building when you are talking about cruise ships! A key point is to also make sure that you are using photos that are either completely yours or are copyright free. Do not steal images from other companies. Make sure to do your research about quality stock photo websites or take the images yourself.

Need More Information?

Engagement on social media is an extremely important piece of the marketing puzzle. If no one sees your content and no one interacts with your content then it is likely that your brand is not getting the right amount of recognition. Remember these tips to help boost your social media engagement and get your name out there.

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