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When it comes to the benefits of trade shows, the market has spoken.  Every year, exhibitors spend more than $20 billion just in the United States on trade show displays. Trade shows are actually the second-largest source of all revenue for business-to-business operations in the United States! Trade shows are an incredibly fruitful avenue towards revenue. You have to know how to make the most out of them.

Follow these top 5 list ideas for making your next trade show a big success!

1. Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

There is a sales funnel dynamic that occurs at trade shows. The very first contact you have with most customers will be when they glance at your display table. That is the crucial moment when they will either decide to engage further with you or else pass you by for a competitor. As a result, it is essential that you attract as many people to your trade show exhibit as possible. Of course, that doesn’t just mean being as noticeable as possible. If you want people to engage with you as a respectable business, you will need to attract attention and present your business in a respectable way. A well-coordinated color scheme between your display objects and your tablecloth is a good way to show that you put care into your work.

2. Have Visual Aids

A lot of people respond much more to visual appeals than to anything else. A great way to grab and keep people’s attention is to have some kind of a video or slideshow running at your display. This way, they can learn a little bit about your business before having to make the decision to actually speak with you or not.

3. Promote Your Trade Show Displays Before the Event

Virtual trade shows are the one way that you can engage with prospective customers before the event. Use social media in advance of a trade show to tell people a little bit about your upcoming trade show attendance and let them know what they can expect from you when they see you there. You want people who search for “trade shows near me” to find information about your business when they find the upcoming trade show.

4. Bring Giveaways

Trade show attendees often see dozens of displays. If you want people to remember you, it helps to give them a memento of some kind that they can review after the show ends. These might include business cards, pens, or anything else that you can put your name or logo on.

5. Offer a Prize

Trade show exhibits that offer prizes are always a big hit. Have everyone sign their name on a sheet or leave a business card with you. Then pick one of them at random to give away a piece of merchandise to.

  Enjoy a Successful Trade Show With These Top 5 List Ideas

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from these top 5 list ideas for your next trade show. If you are going to go to a trade show at all, then it pays off to prepare and make sure you do it the right way!

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