Event Publications For Your Trade Show

Trade Show News Publications

What are trade show publications?

Trade show publications are magazine-style publications that contain important information about the event or trade show. This information includes topics such as industry information, articles, interviews, new products, and new services, as well as other relevant information. They provide a valuable and engaging way for exhibitors and attendees to connect.

Why are magazines still successful?

There are many ways for your association to connect with its members. From digital options to the more traditional ways, there is never a lack of ways to communicate. However, there are is one way that has stood the test of time. The Magazine. That’s right, while newspapers have taken a dive the magazine still remains strong. That’s because it is speaking to a specific audience. Magazines typically aren’t relying on a single city, they aren’t relying on daily news and people wanting that news and most importantly, they aren’t relying on content that a broad audience might be interested in. Magazine speaks to a specific audience with engaging content that is demanded and sought out.

What to look for in a trade show publication.

Not all publication companies are created equal. Some won’t deliver your publication outside of a certain area, some will only print in certain sizes, while others don’t provide the ability to do inserts. So then what should you be looking for in a publication company to handle your trade show publication needs?

Key features when choosing a publication company:

  • High-quality paper for printing
  • Flexible delivery and shipping options
  • High-quality color processing
  • Flexibility in publication sizes
  • Flexible deadlines
  • In-house editors
  • In-house designers
  • In-house sale staff
  • Offers a digital version
  • Offers magazine distribution
  • Offers publication promotion

Trade Show News Publications

Selling a trade show publication.

One of the reasons that associations choose Source Group to sell, print, deliver, and distribute their trade show publications is because we are a full-service publishing house and trade show company. We print high-quality publications that associations love and more importantly, that allow exhibitors to engage with attendees. What’s more, is that we actually do all of the selling for the publications. Our in-house sales team cultivates and calls leads every day on the association’s behalf, creating content-rich publications that attendees want to read.

A typical trade show publication will include:

  • 100% full-color pages
  • Articles
  • Event news
  • Interviews
  • Advertisements
  • A feature-rich digital version
  • Publication promotion
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Distribution
  • And more

What comes next?

If you and your association for looking to take your publication to the next level, get in touch with us today and we will happily discuss options and solutions with you.