Electric Eel Mfg. Reached Another Milestone: 80 Years of Excellence in 2019

Article by Mark Speranza, Vice President of Sales, Electric Eel Mfg.

Based in Springfield, Ohio, we have been producing the highest-quality drain and sewer cleaning equipment since 1939.

Over the years, our company’s effort to understand and fill the unique needs of the rental industry has led to ongoing design changes and additions to our complete line of highly profitable, rental rugged products designed specifically for the rental market. Our experience in the rental industry has led to the open cage design of our drum-type machines, which allows for quick inspection upon the machines return from a customer, as well as easy cleaning by the service department. In addition, we offer on-site training by company representatives to address safety concerns and to ensure the proper use of our products.

Our goal is simple, provide superior quality and back it up with the industry’s best service and support. Service is critical in the rental industry. Quick support is always available direct from our factory and our nationwide network of sales representatives.

We invite everyone to stop by our Booth #1681 to see our full line of products on display. Sectional machines, continuous cable machines, water jetters, and pipeline inspection camera systems will all be featured. Our newest product is the eCAM Ace 100-Micro pipeline inspection camera that streams video directly to any mobile device which can be used as your monitor. For more information, be sure to stop by ARA Booth #1681, visit our website www.electriceel.com, or email me directly at msperanza@electriceel.com.

Air-tow Trailers Are Making Jobs Safer for the Rental Industry

Many companies in the rental industry are constantly looking for ways to equip its employees with the safest, most cost-effective equipment on the market. But many of these organizations fail to address one key piece of equipment, the trailer. In the best weather conditions, tilt-bed trailers can be difficult to use and loading often requires at least two people; while loading ramps are just plain dangerous.

Rock Line Products Inc. has eliminated the dangers associated with conventional trailers with the ground-level loading Air-tow Trailer. The added safety that comes with an Air-tow Trailer eliminates the worry and potential cost of lawsuits, labor claims, union claims, and workers compensation from injuries caused by inferior trailers. Loading and unloading equipment is now a one-man job, coincidentally reducing labor costs. The safety and savings make it an easy decision for rental companies across the country to upgrade trailer fleets to the Air-tow Trailer.

The Air-tow Trailer hydraulically lowers flat to the ground for simple and safe loading and unloading of any type of equipment. It only takes one person to hand load with a dolly or hand cart and driving equipment onto it is as easy as pulling into a parking space. Even in adverse weather conditions, low-profile equipment with little traction, such as scissor lifts and sweepers, can be loaded without hassle.

The deck remains level at all times and self-adjusting air suspension prevents the load from shifting at any point during the loading process and travel. The airbags are attached to swing-arm axles, mounted in steel roller bearings, and will adjust for side-to-side weight variations giving the user a level and smooth ride in any situation.

The Air-tow Trailer comes in many styles such as: flatbed, utility, enclosed, and gooseneck. Air-tow also offers exclusive models that can’t be found anywhere else. The 3D, drop-deck and dump is a hybrid trailer that loads at ground level and has full dump capabilities. And the DH-10, dock height trailer, acts as a “mobile dock” that allows the user to load at docks up to 60 inches high and unload at ground level.

For more information, please contact Air-tow at 800-479-7975, visit www.airtow.com, or visit Booth #3483.

CASE B Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders Make Operation Simple and Intuitive

The all-new CASE B Series skid steers and compact track loaders (CTLs) provide a wealth of new features and functionality to make operation simpler, more intuitive, and more productive. The line features five CTLs ranging in operating capacity (50% of tipping load) from 2,700 pounds up to 4,500 pounds, and eight skid steers with operating capacities from 1,600 pounds up to 3,400 pounds.

CASE offers a mix of vertical and radial lift designs, ranging from 60 to 90 horsepower, to provide contractors with the right solution for their type of work. The new series retains the same structural frame as previous models but features reworking of many of the machine’s primary systems and components.   

At the core of the new B Series is an entirely redesigned operator interface that features an all-new 8-inch LCD display, and new startup and machine controls that are easy to use and set.

The 8-inch LCD display makes all critical machine operating information, such as fuel consumption and trip meters, easily accessible. It includes the industry exclusive split screen ability to view both the backup camera (operational in both forward and reverse) and machine operating parameters in a single view. That camera can be closed to show additional trip and operational data.

CASE has updated and overhauled the controls and settings within the cab of the B Series. The machine now features more simplified ignition and “operate” controls, easy buttons for selecting between ISO and H patterns (on electro-hydraulic models), an intuitive throttle control, as well as simple environmental controls.

Electro-hydraulic controls on new B Series models feature easy, high-level buttons on the front of the display that set overall machine settings to a low, moderate or aggressive responsiveness. Operators can also independently set tilt, lift, and drive speed, as well as loader arm and control aggressiveness, in just a few easy keystrokes within the new display.

The joysticks on electro-hydraulic models have been improved for operator comfort and responsiveness, with a narrower, more comfortable grip, and closer switch layout and a smaller head size for easier operation.

Each B Series machine with electro-hydraulic controls also comes with creep speed, which sets a lower, consistent machine speed and allows the operator to independently set attachment speed for optimal performance.

Each new unit with the LCD display features an easy-to-set economy timer that lets the operator set a time limit for idling, from 5 to 30 minutes, which automatically shuts the engine down. This saves fuel and cuts down on unnecessary engine hours.

Each machine also features an ignition timeout that powers the system down when the machine is off and the key is left on to save the machine’s battery.

The B Series also features an engine protection feature that automatically shuts the engine down when certain conditions are detected that may require additional service or attention. For more information on the entire lineup of CASE B Series Skid Steers and CTLs, visit www.casece.com

Avant Tecno USA Continues to Grow With its Global Innovations

Avant Tecno’s compact but mighty articulated loaders have already taken multiple industries by storm, including landscaping, agriculture, property management, and construction. With the latest release of its 860 machines and the upcoming release of its electric series, Avant continues to pioneer and pave the way in the company’s development of internationally acclaimed and innovative compact loaders.

Jukka Kytömäki, President of Avant Tecno USA, oversees sales and distribution for Avant in the United States and recently provided some insight into the company’s massively growing international operation.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Avant Tecno USA?

A: Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured machines that boast innovative design features focusing on efficiency, ease of use, safety, versatility, and ergonomics.

With sales offices already established in Finland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Avant Tecno expanded operations to the United States in May of 2012. Since the beginning, Avant has offered a completely different and distinctive solution for various customer segments including landscapers, hardscapers, arborists, property maintenance, construction, and demolition.

Q: What makes your business and company unique?

A: We are unique in that our machines feature more than 200 different kinds of attachments and are multi-functional and versatile in design. We tailor our loaders to the size, market, and weather conditions of every industry and export to every continent in the world — from Australian warmth to Siberian frosts. In other words, our machines are just as valuable to an arborist in Florida as they are to a snow removal company in Minnesota.

The cornerstone of our business has always been to put research and development, quality, and manufacturing at the forefront. Every machine is thoroughly tested and documented first in Finland, then again when it reaches our U.S. headquarters outside of Chicago. Our U.S. service team helps to maintain and service the machines — in fact, we intentionally overstock parts to ensure they are readily available to customers.

In addition to delivering dependability and consistency, integrating the sales and marketing functions into the R&D and customer service side of the business has been critical in keeping up with Avant’s unprecedented rate of customer demand and innovation. These investments in sales and marketing will bolster our consultative, multifaceted approach to a business that is growing at breakneck speeds — faster and faster every day.

Q: Are you introducing any new products this year?

A: Absolutely! We recently introduced our new Avant 860i model to the North American market. These machines reach speeds of about 18 miles per hour and feature an increased lift capacity of about 4,200 pounds. It’s our most powerful loader series to date and yet its dimensions and articulated design make the machines very versatile and powerful.

We’re also excited to introduce our e-series to the United States, which is set to launch in early 2020. These machines are battery powered and especially suited for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions — in the case of construction, the e-series machines will be a game-changer for indoor job sites.