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Participating in trade shows can be intimidating. Unless you’re one of the banner sponsors, you typically don’t get preference booth placement and there are restrictions on what you can bring.

But there are ways to stand out even if you aren’t the title sponsor at a trade show. Check out these 5 ways to make your tradeshow presence unforgettable.

1. Host a Game Show

Awesome trade show ideas often take time for planning and getting in just the right materials. You can host a game show with the back wall of your booth as the screen for contestants.

Never make participants have to win swag. You should be giving this away to anyone who tries.

Instead, think of unique prizes that draw people in. For example, they can enter to win a gift card to a five-star restaurant or online retailer.

You might also think of more unusual gifts like a one-month subscription to meal prep services. Think of game ideas that aren’t too short and aren’t too long.

You want engagement, but also the chance to rotate people in and out of your booth. The excitement of a game show is sure to draw a crowd to your booth especially if people are winning items they genuinely like.

Consider making the questions each contestant answers about your company. It’s a fun way to tie in your marketing without messaging without being too heavy-handed.

Limit the number of questions per round. If you have more than one contestant, you won’t need more than one question per round to keep the game moving forward.

Consider having five rounds so that you get an opportunity to provide an ample amount of information about your company. If you’ve invested in quality gifts, you also want people to put in the effort to take them home.

2. Give a Free Workshop

Advertise a free workshop to attendees ahead of the event. This might require you to become a sponsor, but often it doesn’t require top dollar sponsorship.

You’ll need a list of attendees to forward information about your event. Use resources like Trade Show News to make everyone aware of the times your workshop will be available.

Keep in mind the workshop doesn’t have to involve your product or service. Decide what you’re going to teach based on the interests of attendees.

It should be a no brainer that attendees sign up for the workshop. It might be something everyone in the industry wants to get better at like understanding recent regulations or product requirements.

The workshop can also provide general skills like how to negotiate with customers without being too pushy. If you’re able to help your audience meet a continuing education requirement, this is even better.

You’ll need to research your workshop opportunities well ahead of the event to see what you need to do to set aside the space required for attendees. If you can’t get a quiet space, don’t upgrade your booth.

Instead, opt to give each attendee a pair of headphones so you can host your workshop in the midst of any chaos the event producers throw your way.

3. Add a Photobooth

Most companies give out branded swag so they attendees have keepsakes when they leave the conference. But these keepsakes are usually pretty one-sided.

Yes, everyone does need an ink pen from time to time but that doesn’t mean your branded pen is the best tool for the job. In fact, many promotional companies offer sub-par versions of normal products that get maybe a few uses and then become obsolete.

You can offer a more useful keepsake by turning your tradeshow space into a photo booth. Keep it corporate so attendees aren’t embarrassed to join.

Some companies even opt to transform their photo booth into a headshot area so the photos can later be used for corporate purposes. Add a little privacy around the photo area so the person being photographed can relax if they have stage fright.

It also gives them a chance to make a few tweaks to their appearance before taking the picture. Always have the option to print the photos on site.

4. Make it Chill

Trade shows are a forced form of exercise. Not every one of the attendees will have the stamina to stand up for upwards of 8 hours each day.

Turn your booth into a chill area for tired feet. Order a wide range of logo massagers and other relaxation tools.

Consider renting massage chairs with branded covers to promote your company. Attendees will love the option to be in a low key environment that doesn’t require a sales pitch for entry.

Get noise-canceling headphones if the environment will be loud. Decorate your booth with your logo in cloudlike images to sell the area as the place to be.

Let attendees make the first move if they want to learn more about your organization.

5. Use Technology

Technology makes tradeshow experiences unforgettable. You should aim for visuals to sell your marketing message.

Noise is a big issue during trade shows so good visuals reign supreme. Augmented reality and virtual reality make it possible for you to get the best of both worlds in a noisy environment.

Consider VR product demos to help consumers learn more about the products you offer. Consider augmented reality when you want a more interactive option for experiencing your booth.

Awesome Trade Show Ideas

Awesome trade show ideas help you maximize your presence at any event. You won’t need special booth placement or fancy setups to make a mark.

Make sure you’ve discussed your plans thoroughly with the event producers so there are no mixups. You’ll need to be completely self-sufficient in setting up once you get to the event.

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