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Touchscreen Latest Addition to Berner’s Unique Communication Platform

More and more retailers expect to be able to control their equipment from a mobile app.  At the same time, they don’t want their sales team to be on their phones during customer hours.  In response, Berner AIRTM Curtains has developed an industrial grade wall-mounted touchscreen, which works with the Berner AIRTM, available on all of Berner’s Architectural air curtains.  Permanently mounted near the air curtain but away from public access, the touchscreen allows for floor staff to verify and/or change operational settings of the air curtain without anyone having to pull out a phone.

Berner is known for developing advanced control technology for their air curtains.  Their digital controller, the IntelliswitchTM is the foundation of Berner’s unique communication platform.  This digital controller has no equal, and eliminates the need for the extra components and transformers needed when extra functionality beyond basic on/off is required.  It allows the air curtain to be programmed to operate during certain days and times, when the thermostat calls for it, etc..  The IntelliswitchTM is included as standard on Berner’s Architectural designs.  These are the air curtains that are used over main entrances where aesthetics and more advanced control options are desired as part of supporting the in-house experience and saving energy.  Building off of this digital controller, Berner developed the Berner AIRTM

The Berner AIRTM consists of a wireless controller built-into the air curtain, cloud services and a mobile application.  It is available on Berner’s Architectural air curtains.  The beauty of the mobile app is that it is intuitive, easy to use, and allows one to program and monitor operation without getting on a ladder.  In fact, once it is set up on one’s phone, one doesn’t even need to be on-site as it acts as an advanced remote control.  Should there be an issue with the air curtain, the app allows Berner to assist with identifying the problem from the factory, thus speeding up the troubleshooting process.  The Berner AIRTM follows industry best practices in cyber security and the wireless controller comes with security protocols in place.

The Berner wall-mounted touchscreen was developed based on feedback from hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers that they wished to have the advanced control capabilities of the Berner AIRTM, but wanted to limit access to it to one screen for their on-site staff to access.  Berner is delighted to be able to offer customers this option as part of the energy saving solution for comfort for their front doors. Berner’s Architectural air curtains are used over main entrances, especially those with high foot traffic, to save energy and protect the customer experience when the door is open.  Berner AIRTM curtains for main entrances are AMCA tested and may be used as an exception to vestibules according to ASHRAE 90.1-2019, ASHRAE 189.1, and the IECC-2015.

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