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All Flex Unique Capabilities and Growth

Eric Matuska is the Director of Quality and Engineering at All Flex Flexible Circuits and Heaters. Before joining All Flex, he worked for a high-volume flex manufacturer as a Quality Engineer and then worked at Six Sigma Black Belt for two years, where he focused on cost improvement projects between the U.S. and Thailand. Matuska has been with All Flex for 13 years, beginning as a Quality Manager and then as a Plant Manager before moving up to his current position. Matuska has a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from the University of Minnesota Duluth and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.  

Q: Can you tell us a little about All Flex? What is it that you do?

A: All Flex is a flexible circuit and flexible heater manufacturer that also offers added-value assemblies that are processed in-house. The company has about 200 employees and is headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota, with a second production facility in Bloomington. Our industry focus is mainly medical, military, and aerospace, but we also do a lot of smaller custom projects for a variety of uses and industries.

My role at All Flex is broad and varied, but my main focus is on the development of capabilities, quality of our end products, and the growth and development of employees and knowledge. Because everything we do is highly specialized, we are constantly developing new methods and trying to improve our capabilities. It is my responsibility to keep projects moving through the facilities and provide leadership to the engineering team.

Q: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market.

A: Our ‘Just Say Yes’ mentality is what helps us to grow into new markets because we are willing to take risks that other companies are not. We have guidelines and limits, but we are always willing to go outside of the box and push to try new things for customers that no other companies will do; an example of this is our Fine-Line Maxi®Flex. This technology is unique to us, and no other company is coming close to the technology that we have developed and are still improving. Continuous improvement is a very big part of the culture at All Flex, and we are always excited to help a customer achieve their goals by being different and pushing the limits.

Q: What would you say makes your business unique?   

A: As I stated before, our willingness to go above and beyond for our customers and try new things to expand our capabilities is our biggest strength. But we also have capabilities that a lot of customers are not aware of, such as our in-house assembly and added-value abilities. We provide SMT, hand assembly, potting, failure analysis or troubleshooting, and thermal simulation analysis of our custom-made heaters, not to mention the many unique types of circuits we create, such as the extended-length Maxi® Flex that reaches over 100-plus feet.  

Q: How can our readers find out more about your company?A: For more information, call 507-663-7162, visit www.allflexinc.com, or stop by Booth #526.

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