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Air-tow Trailers Are Making Jobs Safer for the Rental Industry

Many companies in the rental industry are constantly looking for ways to equip its employees with the safest, most cost-effective equipment on the market. But many of these organizations fail to address one key piece of equipment, the trailer. In the best weather conditions, tilt-bed trailers can be difficult to use and loading often requires at least two people; while loading ramps are just plain dangerous.

Rock Line Products Inc. has eliminated the dangers associated with conventional trailers with the ground-level loading Air-tow Trailer. The added safety that comes with an Air-tow Trailer eliminates the worry and potential cost of lawsuits, labor claims, union claims, and workers compensation from injuries caused by inferior trailers. Loading and unloading equipment is now a one-man job, coincidentally reducing labor costs. The safety and savings make it an easy decision for rental companies across the country to upgrade trailer fleets to the Air-tow Trailer.

The Air-tow Trailer hydraulically lowers flat to the ground for simple and safe loading and unloading of any type of equipment. It only takes one person to hand load with a dolly or hand cart and driving equipment onto it is as easy as pulling into a parking space. Even in adverse weather conditions, low-profile equipment with little traction, such as scissor lifts and sweepers, can be loaded without hassle.

The deck remains level at all times and self-adjusting air suspension prevents the load from shifting at any point during the loading process and travel. The airbags are attached to swing-arm axles, mounted in steel roller bearings, and will adjust for side-to-side weight variations giving the user a level and smooth ride in any situation.

The Air-tow Trailer comes in many styles such as: flatbed, utility, enclosed, and gooseneck. Air-tow also offers exclusive models that can’t be found anywhere else. The 3D, drop-deck and dump is a hybrid trailer that loads at ground level and has full dump capabilities. And the DH-10, dock height trailer, acts as a “mobile dock” that allows the user to load at docks up to 60 inches high and unload at ground level.

For more information, please contact Air-tow at 800-479-7975, visit www.airtow.com, or visit Booth #3483.

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