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CGI, Inc. was founded in Southern California as “California Gear and Instrument” in 1967 by Don Snow. Fifty years ago, as a young gear design and manufacturing company, CGI soon developed a reputation for quality products and innovative solutions, particularly in the medical and aerospace industries. CGI continued to grow, and in 1990, Snow decided to move the business to Carson City, Nevada. Shortly thereafter, CGI became a pioneer in providing standard industrial gearbox solutions along with the already established OEM component products that CGI had provided for decades.

In 2006, Mike Madison and Brian Coclich purchased the company from Snow and have expanded to 100-plus employees with two facilities encompassing 87+ gear fabrication machines and 40+ CNC machines, with approximately 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to meet the growing demands of CGI’s global customer and supplier base.

The team at CGI is driven by engineering and innovation. CGI offers design and manufacturing engineering support to facilitate product realization to its customers, effectively becoming an extension of the customers’ engineering and manufacturing footprint.

CGI offers a broad scope of solutions for the gear industry. From the onset of a project, CGI’s design engineering group can provide gear design and analysis services or provide a complete turnkey design. These services are not limited to discrete gear components, but also to a gear system (i.e. gearboxes, gear trains, etc.). CGI is vertically integrated, allowing the company to provide OEM component products either manufactured from material (bar) stock or to gear cut a customer supplied blank. Gear cutting solutions include hobbing, shaping, gear grinding, bevel gear cutting, gear skiving, and broaching.

Additionally, 70% of the products provided by CGI are assembled mechanical or electromechanical products. CGI’s manufacturing engineering group can provide support from prototype to production with services from validation testing to Kanban programs. CGI also provides an offering of precision planetary servo gearboxes to interface with inch and metric NEMA motors that can ship the day it is ordered. All these products are contained within a robust Quality Management System (QMS) that includes gear testing, analysis, and the latest inspection equipment.

CGI differs from others not only in the broad scope of cradle-to-grave solutions for its customers, but also in the quality of work and services provided. While CGI provides gear cut services for a range of pitches, it specializes in fine pitch precision gears (down to 160 DP). CGI thrives on challenging designs and parts that often daunt others, such as autoclaveable assemblies, low backlash/low friction gearboxes, high rpm gear systems, and harsh operating environments. The variety of services that CGI provides is a differentiator with both design and manufacturing engineering services available to customers.

CGI thrives on challenges. This attribute, coupled with the company’s extensive design knowledge, diverse manufacturing capabilities and services, analytical capabilities, and willingness to collaborate and partner with customers, sets CGI apart from others in the industry. Additionally, world-class equipment and process improvement initiatives, such as Six Sigma and Lean, are also differentiators. In order to maintain its position as an industry leader, CGI continually invests in technology such as CNC gear hobbing, automation, multitasking, EDM, passivation, and laser weld. Few companies are able to match the broad diversity of services, products, and capabilities making CGI a leader in the machining and motion control industry.

CGI Products are proudly made in the USA. Visit Booth #1991.

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