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Winds of Change: Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY Flight Recorders are the World’s Lightest and Least Power Consuming ED112-Compliant Units in Today’s Market

Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY product line upending the CVFDR market

The SENTRY CVFDR, weighing 4.5 pounds (2 kilograms) and consuming only 8 watts max at a steady state, was designed to blend the best of today’s existing capabilities with a new innovative approach to capturing and protecting your flight data. 

SENTRY’s modular architecture was designed with flexibility and durability in mind to allow for aircraft-specific configurations with expansion capabilities that extend functionality as required by operators. 

The SENTRY CVFDR meets all ED-112A requirements, as well as qualifications to DO-160G environmental and power requirements. 

The rugged enclosure of the SENTRY CVFDR can be mounted in any attitude, making it ideal for most airborne operational environments including commercial- or military-fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. 

The SENTRY FDR’s recent FAA TSO approval paves the way for the device to be fitted onboard airframes in all industry segments while enabling operators to save valuable space and weight. 

The CVFDR is currently available in stainless steel and titanium enclosures, and features a range of aircraft interfaces including ARINC-717, analog and discrete sensor inputs, ARINC-429 Data Link recording, configurable high- and low-fidelity audio channels, and rotor speed input. 

The SENTRY recorders interface directly with Flight Data Systems’ Modular Acquisition Unit (MAU) to provide a highly configurable Flight Data Recording system. To learn more about the SENTRY CVFDR, visit www.flightdata.aero, contact sales@flightdata.aero, or stop by Booth #7145.

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