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CHUTES — It’s a Dirty Job, But Somebody’s Got to Do It!

Hadi C. Boustani has been President of CHUTES International since 1989. Talk about a wide and diverse background, with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from California University and a Masters in Construction Management from the University of Michigan, Boustani has worked in Paris, France, Saudi Arabia, the Ivory Coast, and all over the U.S.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about CHUTES International, its history, and where you are today.

A: In 1989, CHUTES International was a small company of only a handful of employees, a single product and a target market of the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area. Nearly 30 years later, CHUTES has expanded its product line from steel chutes to include plastic chutes, flat chutes, internal trash, linen and recycling chutes, compactors, recycling sorters, baggers, odor control systems, and a complete service department. Several of these products are patented inventions and new innovations in the industry. 

In addition to product development, CHUTES Internationals target market has also developed and expanded, not only to the entire U.S. but internationally as well, including sales to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Boustani’s future plans for CHUTES are to continue with CHUTES’ growth and expansion through dealers and distributors and to remain committed to their continuous improvement policy through product development and lean manufacturing, all while keeping focused on providing exceptional customer service and top-quality products.

Q: What makes your company different from the competition?

A: While on the surface a chute may seem like a chute, which seems like a chute, there really are some significant differences.

Our external, heavy-duty steel chutes are the only ones on the market approved for use on historical buildings, as the special mounting system used holds the system away from the building façade. It’s also the only chute system to be issued multiple patents issued on it. You can throw pretty much anything down it and it won’t budge. We’ve had chutes withstand several hurricanes! In fact, we joke that the chute is what kept the building standing.

Another very important difference is our complete dedication to customer service and support.  It’s not just about providing the best quality product (which we do) but making sure our customers are treated exceptionally well.

Q: What’s your ‘latest and greatest,’ and what’s next for CHUTES?

A: Our focus is always on safety, first and last. Whether it be training our in-house staff or our dealers and distributors, CHUTES is always looking for ways to make our chutes the safest available and we strive to find ways that chutes can make the job site safer, from liners and dust gaiters to designing everything with two to four times the required safety factors to webinars and face-to-face training.

We’ve always been responsive to our customer requests. That’s what led us into internal chute manufacturing and, more recently, into recycling chutes and sorters and odor control systems.  The demand for easier methods of eco-friendly trash removal is growing. A few years ago, we designed and introduced both a chute that can meet recycling needs and a sorter that allows for two- or three-way sorting. Our odor control system was in response to the struggles property managers faced with bad odors from the trash room. 

Our current endeavor is a motion activated trash chute door. With rising concerns for ADA compliance and ease of access, this new CHUTE product will allow people to open the door of the chute with a simple wave. More information is coming soon. Stop by Booth #S12906 to give it a try.

Q: How can we find out more about CHUTES?A: For more information, you can always visit us online at www.chutes.com or email us at info@chutes.com. During the work week, we can be reached at 800-882-4883. Stop by and see us during the show at Booth #S12906!

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