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Avant Tecno USA Continues to Grow With its Global Innovations

Avant Tecno’s compact but mighty articulated loaders have already taken multiple industries by storm, including landscaping, agriculture, property management, and construction. With the latest release of its 860 machines and the upcoming release of its electric series, Avant continues to pioneer and pave the way in the company’s development of internationally acclaimed and innovative compact loaders.

Jukka Kytömäki, President of Avant Tecno USA, oversees sales and distribution for Avant in the United States and recently provided some insight into the company’s massively growing international operation.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Avant Tecno USA?

A: Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured machines that boast innovative design features focusing on efficiency, ease of use, safety, versatility, and ergonomics.

With sales offices already established in Finland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Avant Tecno expanded operations to the United States in May of 2012. Since the beginning, Avant has offered a completely different and distinctive solution for various customer segments including landscapers, hardscapers, arborists, property maintenance, construction, and demolition.

Q: What makes your business and company unique?

A: We are unique in that our machines feature more than 200 different kinds of attachments and are multi-functional and versatile in design. We tailor our loaders to the size, market, and weather conditions of every industry and export to every continent in the world — from Australian warmth to Siberian frosts. In other words, our machines are just as valuable to an arborist in Florida as they are to a snow removal company in Minnesota.

The cornerstone of our business has always been to put research and development, quality, and manufacturing at the forefront. Every machine is thoroughly tested and documented first in Finland, then again when it reaches our U.S. headquarters outside of Chicago. Our U.S. service team helps to maintain and service the machines — in fact, we intentionally overstock parts to ensure they are readily available to customers.

In addition to delivering dependability and consistency, integrating the sales and marketing functions into the R&D and customer service side of the business has been critical in keeping up with Avant’s unprecedented rate of customer demand and innovation. These investments in sales and marketing will bolster our consultative, multifaceted approach to a business that is growing at breakneck speeds — faster and faster every day.

Q: Are you introducing any new products this year?

A: Absolutely! We recently introduced our new Avant 860i model to the North American market. These machines reach speeds of about 18 miles per hour and feature an increased lift capacity of about 4,200 pounds. It’s our most powerful loader series to date and yet its dimensions and articulated design make the machines very versatile and powerful.

We’re also excited to introduce our e-series to the United States, which is set to launch in early 2020. These machines are battery powered and especially suited for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions — in the case of construction, the e-series machines will be a game-changer for indoor job sites.

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